Rovi seeks new highs in the heat of advances in its business prospects

The last few months have been especially good for Laboratorios Rovi, which has reached the 59,800 euros intraday, a figure that, if the day ended in this way, would make him mark new all-time highs in your quote.

Also, the company lives today rises of up to 1.36% and is positioned with a accumulated annual 56.20%.

Rovi’s good numbers today are driven by the announcement of Javier López-Belmonte, Vice President and CFO at Rovi, for an . interview, in which he assured that Rovi will produce 100 million doses per year of Moderna’s vaccine in Granada. In addition, he wanted to highlight the importance of the agreement with the US company that involves working with messenger RNA technology, “the prescient and surely the future of vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry itself.

From the technical side, the stock market indicators give you a total score of 9 out of 10 possible points in a marked uptrend. The long and medium-term upward trend, the slow and fast positive total moment, the long and medium-term increasing volume and the decreasing medium-term range of amplitude stand out. As the only less favorable indicator, we find the range of amplitude, which is increasing.

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