All we want most when the new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic passes is to explore the world. Although many tour operators are betting that trips around Brazil will be the most sought after when everything is back to normal, the research we did with our readers pointed out that, in fact, international destinations are not far behind national ones. For you to return to travel in the best style when everything is back to normal, we have selected 10 classic itineraries around the world for you to do on your post-Covid-19 vacation.

1) Roadtrip through California + Las Vegas

California is a complete destination in the United States. There are so many mandatory stops within the state that only it deserves a complete roadtrip. The city of Los Angeles alone is already huge and requires a rental car. It is necessary to hit the road to get to know San Diego, Santa Monica, San Francisco and, of course, give that classic stretch to the neighboring state, Nevada, to enjoy the night of Las Vegas.

2) Southeast Asia

Asia has grown in the desire of Brazilians. Being the largest continent in the world, it is clear that it is also full of possibilities and, among them, Southeast Asia is the most popular for those seeking the combination of culture and nature. The main destinations are: Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam. The good news is that this is usually a very cost-effective trip.

3) Chilean and Argentine Patagonia

Obviously distant destinations are fascinating, but we must never forget that Latin America has treasures. To get even better, trips for our brothers are more accessible, economically and geographically. An unmissable trip is through Patagonia, which is divided between Argentina and Chile. Patagonian territory is immense and it is impossible to explore all its complexity in one trip. Therefore, there are several itineraries focused on exploring regions. One of the most popular and easy to plan is the Andean Cruce, which crosses the Argentine and Chilean part of Patagonia exactly.

4) Safari in South Africa

Cape Town is the largest tourist destination in South Africa. The cosmopolitan city is incredible and offers a complete package of culture, cuisine and nature. However, anyone who associates a trip to Africa with savannah needs to make the one-two trip from Cape Town to Kruger National Park, South Africa’s main environmental reserve, where it is possible to go on a real safari in complete safety for both tourists and tourists. the animals, which live there completely free and in their natural habitat.

5) Eurotrip for Central Europe

Europe is one of the most suitable places for a multi-destination trip. This happens for some reasons, but mainly because the EU countries are very well connected, with several public transport options that work very well, and also because there is no immigration process between them. The itinerary options are endless, but novice travelers often want to focus on Central Europe.

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