Rougned Odor and Martin Maldonado withdraw from game after clash at home plate

The Venezuelan of the Yankees from New York, Rougned odor and the Puerto Rican from the Houston Astros, Martin Maldonado, withdrew injured from the game this Tuesday in the Big leagues (MLB) after a tough crash at home plate.

In the sixth inning, a play by Alex Bregman led to a bad shot, the same as the second baseman of the Yankees, Rougned Odor He took the opportunity to try to score in the race, but to his bad luck the Astros threw and there was a play at the plate and a collision with the receiver Martin Maldonado removed both injured players from the game of Big leagues.

So much Odor, What Maldonado they were lying on the floor in pain from the strong shock, which ended with the participation of both in that game that the Yankees 7-3.

The Venezuelan of the Yankees was very sore in the upper part of his leg, while Maldonado if he lasted a little longer on the ground, since he looked dizzy from the impact of the leg of Odor between his head and shoulder, so if or if he should quit the game because of the concussion protocol of the MLB.

Here the video:

We expect medical parts from both Yankees, as from Astros to know the physical condition of these two players who were playing a new day in the Big leagues.

After this action, Odor’s place at second base was taken by Tyler Wade. While, Jason Castro replaced “Machete” Maldonado.

But despite the crash and all the bad, for the good luck of the Yankees, Odor could score in the race and add one more in this game at Yankee Stadium.