Rosie Rivera.

Jason Koerner / . for Billboard

“What to do with the children in quarantine,” he asked. Rosie rivera On Instagram. Along with her question, the aunt of Chiquis Rivera He also replied: “It is time to create, discover and explore the talents of your children. What new projects have you done with your children in this quarantine? ”.

All this message came to the network along with a video in which Rosie together with her husband, Abel Flores, have demonstrated the gift that their daughter Samatha has received.

Rosie said that in this quarantine she and her partner have their children creating, writing poems or composing songs, this is how Abel’s idea of ​​recording his little girl singing arose.

They, as parents, agree that they do not want their children to lock themselves in their tablets, but to discover everything they can do for themselves.

Here is Sammy’s short music video, which has already generated several comments such as the following: “Sammy has a beautiful voice 😍 just like his aunt and his mom’s.”

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