The German considers Michael Schumacher as the best of all time

Nico claims that his childhood hero is Mika Häkkinen

Nico Rosberg has had to give his Top 5 best drivers in the history of Formula 1 and has surprised by placing Ayrton Senna ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

The German has highlighted, in the first place, his compatriot Michael Schumacher as the best driver of all time. The two shared three years as teammates at Mercedes and during that time, Nico realized that the Kaiser was the best.

“I would say Michael Schumacher. I was his teammate. He is a person with capacity for everything. For me, the best of all time,” he says when Sky asks him to give his ranking.

Second, Nico places the five-time world champion Juan Manuel Fangio. “Later I would say that Juan Manuel Fangio”, he adds.

Next, the 2016 world champion positions third world champion Ayrton Senna in third place. The Brazilian is one of the most recognized drivers because if it had not been for his accident at Imola, they saw him capable of achieving much more than three titles. That is precisely why Nico places him in the ranking above his teammate Lewis Hamilton, who beat him three consecutive years while they shared the team.

Finally, Nico closes his Top 5 with the four-time French champion Alain Prost, although he acknowledges that his hero was always the Finnish Mika Häkkinen.

“Then Ayrton Senna; Lewis Hamilton and then Alain Prost, although the hero of my childhood was Mika Häkkinen,” acknowledges Nico to finish.


Michael Schumacher Juan Manuel Fangio Ayrton Senna Lewis Hamilton Alain Prost

It is not the first time that a pilot has been asked to highlight the best in his sport. Fernando Alonso had it clear in 2018 and highlighted the following pilots: Schumacher, Fangio, Senna, Prost and Hamilton.

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