Rosario: the story of the girl who suspected that a taxi driver was going to kidnap her and denounced it in a video that went viral

The complaint that Sofia made on Instagram

The Monday morning, near 1, Sofia E. got into a taxi at the corner of España and Pellegrini, in the city of Rosary beads. He was returning home after hanging out with some friends in a bar. Minutes later, the young woman, 22, got out of the vehicle before reaching her destination because she suspected, as she said publicly, that the driver was going to kidnap her.

Amid the tears, Sofía related what happened on her Instagram account, “so that no other girl lives it anymore,” she explained. According to him, the driver began to talk on WhatsApp with another man who asked him for “a pizza” and gave him “too many details” about the ingredients. She feared that it was a conversation “in code”, so she decided to interrupt the trip and finish it halfway.

Calmer, the young woman returned yesterday to review what happened in front of the television cameras: “The taxi driver began to listen to an audio where a man was detailing the types of food he was asking for. The first was ‘carlito with ham, without mayonnaise and with ketchup’. Y I thought it must be something illegal, because it is not a delivery, it is a taxi driver. Then at that time I started to send my location in the group that I have with my friends, to describe him by text to the man and I began to tell them that I was scared because I was acting strange ”.

According to Sofía, the driver’s talk continued in this way: “When the taxi driver answered what he had to offer, he said a pizza with cheese, burned on top. Then I thought: pizza / woman, cheese / medium complexion, burned up / brunette. I said it can’t be, this is horrible.

Sofia’s story on television

Next, the young woman decided to simulate a conversation with a friend: “I pretended I sent an audio and said ‘yes, friend, I’m coming,'” she told Telenoche Rosario in a dialogue. After that, the one who sent an audio was the driver: “The taxi driver sends him an audio telling the other that he had a choripán with mayonnaise and burned on top. So I think that the choripán must be between breads, that it would mean problems, or like it is warned, something like that. Then he calls a man and tells him that he would be there in half an hour. It was like too much information ”.

While the taxi was stopped at a traffic light on Entre Ríos Street, at the height of February 27, the girl, scared, decided to get off and he crossed lanes to call for help.

On the same Monday, the young woman appeared at the Territorial Complaint Center (CTD) in Rosario and the next day she did so at the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPA) to make the complaint. He declared before the Justice the same thing that he related on social networks.

Also yesterday the taxi driver, identified as Gustavo, 53, after the young woman’s complaint on Instagram went viral and the case reached the media. At the exit, the driver also told his version of the events before the television cameras.

“I was going to take another street and it made me turn into Spain, no problem. I had the cell phone on speaker. When I stop at the traffic lights of Entre Ríos and 27, I send the audio of public knowledge to my kid, telling him that I had a trip and to wait for me, that in half an hour I was going home, I had to go through the pizzeria. At that moment the girl hands me the money and says ‘charge me I’ll get off’ and I ask her if something happened. I was surprised. He said “no, keep the change”, slammed the door and ran away. So I spoke back to my son and told him the girl got off I don’t know why, ”he recalled.

The version given by the accused taxi driver

Sabrina, a daughter of the taxi driver, confirmed her father’s sayings and maintained that he was sending messages to her brother Nicolás. “I understand her because I am young and situations like the ones she reports can happen, but my father only exchanged messages with my brother because they talked about food”, she said.

Gustavo and his family decided to broadcast three audios of the conversation with his son to the media. In them the driver and his son talk about empanadas, from toasted with butter and at one point Nicolás asks him to buy beers, “Because here everything is closed.” The taxi driver replies that “hold on for half an hour more because he has a trip” and tells him that “There are some new things they are doing there, which I don’t know what they are called, like a choripán but with a different shape, then I take a picture of the arena and you choose.”

The audios that Gustavo broadcast

Gustavo contributed these audios of the talk with his son in the prosecution. He also made his cell phone and the GPS of the taxi available. MPA sources indicated to . that in the next few days the data provided and the images from the security cameras of the food hall will be analyzed to corroborate the taxi driver’s story. If so, the complaint will be dismissed.

“All the indications show for the moment that the girl had a bad perception of the taxi driver’s conversation with the son. In principle there is no apparent crime “, maintains the judicial source.

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