Opponents bet that the only thing different this coming July 19 will be that Daniel Ortega will not physically arrive at the plaza and will give his usual message of this date in virtual or televised form, which is nothing »beautiful, innovative or innovative. “, as announced his wife and vice president, Rosario Murillo.

On July 19 in Nicaragua the fall of the Somoza dictatorship is commemorated, which this year will turn 41 years old. The commemorative act was carried out without fail in a plaza in the capital, where thousands of citizens from all over the country come, most state employees forced to risk losing their job if they do not.

But this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some change is expected both from the Daniel Ortega regime, and from the population that generally attends. The new coronavirus or Covid-19 is a highly contagious and deadly disease, which is why it is recommended to avoid crowding to prevent its spread.

However, Nicaragua is one of the few countries in the world that continues to promote public meetings and activities in the midst of the pandemic. The Ortega regime refuses to accept the severity of this disease and insists that road accidents, HIV, hunger, deaths from drowning and other diseases kill more than Covid-19.

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Murillo announced last Wednesday June 24 that “it will be a beautiful, innovative, innovative July”, but he did not clarify what that means. The opponent and member of the Blue and White Unit (UNAB) Violeta Granera criticized that a celebration be held amid the mourning that Covid-19 has left on hundreds of Nicaraguan families.

Nicaragua registers 2,170 cases of Covid-19 and 74 people died from the pandemic until Tuesday, June 23, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health (Minsa). However, independent records assure that they are almost 6,000 infected and more than 1,600 people who died with symptoms of Covid-19.

“I don’t see how they can make a ‘beautiful celebration’ whatever it is, in the midst of the tragedy that Nicaragua is experiencing. And much less of a political group that has the clear rejection of 70 percent of the population, with good reason. Now, “different and innovative” I think it will be very necessary for them to hide that rejection and annoyance of their own people from exposure to contagion to which they have been subjected, “said Granera.

Celebration of the 39th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution in Plaza la Fe in Managua. Daniel Ortega faces the dilemma of making an appearance in the plaza, usually full of Sandinista militants and state workers forced to go to the event. Photo Jader Flores / LA PRENSA

The dictator’s dilemma

While public workers and Sandinista militants are called to participate in activities, marches and meetings, Ortega and his wife are sheltered at their home. Political scientist José Antonio Peraza said that Ortega and Murillo face an ethical dilemma, because he asks his militants to do what they do not do.

“While they ask their militancy to continue mobilizing, to continue celebrating the ‘sacrosanct’ partisan Sandinista celebrations, they are going to protect themselves. I can assure you that Daniel Ortega will not participate in July 19 and if he participates, he will be put into a bubble, therefore, if I were a Sandinista militant I would feel bad, because my bosses demand the greatest sacrifices. They demand mobilization and participation while they are in hiding because they are afraid of the coronavirus, “said Peraza.

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They love to create expectations

Sociologist Cirilo Otero said that the couple Ortega Murillo likes to appear surprised to keep the attention of their followers. Otero said that he particularly has no expectation that this July 19 there will be something different or change something in the authoritarian course that the Orteguistqa government has had.

“The same thing you can say physically, you can say through television. In general, Nicaraguans no longer expect anything important that Mr. Ortega can say, because in fact he always goes the other way and is not located with reality and with the events and demands of the population, “said Otero.

What the sociologist does expect is that they do not call massive concentrations, and if they do, that people do not attend the call, to avoid the massive contagions of Covid-19.

Until now, the Ortega Murillo regime has not stopped calling meetings and public activities, although they do not appear publicly in the activities. For this reason, Otero is also sure that Ortega will not physically participate in the act on July 19.

“Mr. Ortega is a very sick person, he should not sunbathe, nor should he be in contact with other people, and besides, they know that the pandemic is a reality. So that’s why they will decide to do it on television or through a video, “said Otero.

An attack on health

The political analyst Eliseo Núñez Morales considered that the change that will be seen this July 19 will not be thinking about citizen protection, but rather about the well-being of the dictators.

He also warned that the massive concentration of militants in a plaza at this time is an attack on health due to Covid-19. Núñez believes that few will attend the call, so he projects that they will call decentralized activities, to hide the sparse attendance.