Rosalía showed off her curves with a tight dress and drove Tini Stoessel crazy!

Rosalía captivated with her tight dress and Tini Stoessel was one of the many who fell at the feet of her charms.

Rosalia is living a more than fruitful present at the work level. Every time she releases new music, her millions of followers around the world line up to give even more visibility to everything she publishes… Especially on her social networks!

Through her Instagram account, Rosalía brought out her curves clad in an amazing pink dress that is not only too tight, but also has a super cut that shows beyond imagination … And that was the key to unleash a tremendous fury!

Among the many repercussions it usually has, on this occasion Rosalía had the plus of having conquered Tini Stoessel. That is not at all accidental, since among them there is a lot of good vibes and someone in common: Sebastian Yatra.

Rosalía has been stealing Sebastián Yatra’s sleep for weeks. When the Colombian singer parted ways with Tini Stoessel, he was showered with proposals from women who admire him and also want to! Although he was linked to Danna Paola, neither of them has taken the big step to confirm a romance.

Among so many hints and virtual plays that baffle the singers’ own admirers, a new member of the soap opera ended up being added: Rosalía. It is enough for her to show up with a postcard for Sebastián Yatra to fall in love with her charms. Although he received compliments from everywhere, his attention fell on Rosalía. The artist has him for others in love and this has been shown in every postcard that she publishes.

However, on this occasion, it was Tini Stoessel who fell at the feet of Rosalía and, without wanting to hide what she felt when she saw her, she liked the postcard as proof of how much she had loved seeing her in action. .

Didn’t Sebastián Yatra dare to coincide with his ex in the publication of Rosalía? Some believe that he has not forgotten her yet and uses his « coveted bachelor » reputation to hide himself from revealing his true feelings.