Rosalía is a musical phenomenon that is here to stay, as this artist comes loaded with talent, charisma and good vibes, without a doubt a fusion of qualities that have allowed her to enter millions of homes and monopolize a large mass of followers.

Digging a little about the life of this celebrity, we found on Instagram a video where you can see the singer enjoying a glass of milk loaded with sugar.

The young Catalan girl in a fun way made known her delight for milk with sugar, because this time she shared with her followers part of a new song “TKN”.

The singer consented to her fans with a fragment of her new song in collaboration with Travis Scott, which is becoming a great success, as it is a single inspired by the rhythm of classic reggaeton.

This audiovisual material quickly caused a furor among his followers, who demonstrated with comments of praise where they highlight: « The most beautiful in the whole world I love you » and « bon appetit ».