Rosalía and the Weeknd collaborate, release the remix of Blinding lights

Rosalía and The Weeknd collaborate, launch the remix of Blinding lights (INSTAGRAM)

Rosalía and The Weeknd collaborate, release the remix of Blinding lights | INSTAGRAM

The famous artists, Rosalía and The Weeknd, are two of the most relevant on the international scene at this time, arriving with this new news that they have joined in a collaboration that they had prepared: a remix of Blinding lights, the most listened song of this 2020 in Spotify, with more than 1,500 million reproductions.

These numbers will certainly increase in the final stretch of the year after the duet published early this Friday by the Catalan singer and Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known by his stage name The Weeknd.

The two announced on their Twitter profiles, both Rosalía and The Weeknd, a link to the new version of Blinding lights, a song that the Canadian singer launched a year ago and that has swept the world.

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The two creators of musical entertainment already gave clues yesterday Thursday on their social networks of what a collaboration could be. First it was The Weeknd who published on his Twitter a photograph of both singers clinging to a beach, the same one that the Barcelona woman uploaded to her Instagram profile with no other message than the name of the companion, with whom it was already rumored that they could have worked together.

Although neither of the two singers nor their corresponding teams had detailed what that track was about, in the fan forums they had been commenting for a while that Rosalía could participate in a new remix by Blinding lights.

Even some media outlets echoed the rumors before the two artists confirmed that they were preparing an imminent release together. The beautiful Rosalía, who just premiered with Bad Bunny Last Night’s Night, thus joins a remix of this hit song just one year after its first release.

This song, Blinding lights has broken records by staying all year on the list of the 100 most listened to songs in the United States, the Billboard Hot 100, in which it spent 42 weeks in the top 10, 33 of them in the top five , two brands that had not registered another issue in the 62-year history of the listing.

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The great popularity of the artist is so great that in February 2021 he will take the witness of Jennifer López and Shakira to star in the musical show of the Super Bowl, the television event par excellence in the United States.

Despite sweeping other awards such as the MTV Video Music Awards and the American Music Awards, The Weeknd did not obtain a Grammy nomination, something that caught the attention of some users and the internet who made their theories, since it has been years since It is said that these awards follow some agenda and even that they have influence from the corporations, even the artist gave his opinion on the matter.

“The Grammys are still corrupt. They owe transparency to me, my fans and the industry …”, the artist tweeted hours after the Recording Academy of the United States announced its candidates for the 63rd edition of the awards , to be delivered on January 31, 2021.

This is how The Weeknd and Rosalía reach the final stretch of this 2020, two very different greats who came together to make a quite peculiar piece, because the sound that looks like a song from the 80’s arrived and merged very well with the voice of the Rosalía, who everything she touches has been a great success since her rise to fame.