Rosalía and Bad Bunny give free rein to their emotions and the networks go crazy

The artists jointly performed on an American show, which got all the comments.

Rosalia Y Bad bunny They performed a joint presentation on an American program where the music did its thing and caused both of them to get so close that they were about to kiss while being cheered by the public.

The song Last night was performed by Rosalía and Bad Bunny in the program Saturday night Live where both artists gave free rein to the emotions that their song provokes, which aroused a sea of ​​illusions among their followers when they imagined that these singers may have a sentimental relationship.

They were about to kiss each other on the mouth, but ended up giving each other a hug. None of the artists has commented on the rumors that have arisen in this regard, but they have shown their fans, through their social networks, that they have started a very good friendship from their collaboration.

This scene has gone viral on social networks where the theories and witty memes shared by Internet users continue to circulate.

It is the second time that the artists were about to kiss, because in the original video of the collaboration presented on February 14 They show how both of them cannot avoid attraction and end up engulfed in the flames of love and passion.

Rosalía and Bad Bunny know how to light the fire