Rosa María Mateo has acknowledged that it was « a mistake » to withdraw the advertising from Spanish Television. In appearance before the Joint Commission (Congress-Senate) of Parliamentary Control of the Corporation, the sole provisional administrator of RTVE has confirmed that the income « is not enough to cover the expenses« 

Rosa María Mateo responds in Mixed Commission

Rosa María Mateo thus claims more money for RTVE because the financing model that was established in 2009 « contains deficiencies that have been increasing over time« Our company needs more financing, » she said, convinced that « more money is needed » because cheap programs « don’t sell. »

The head of RTVE thus responded to the VOX deputy, Manuel Mariscal, who called for the « change in the audiovisual law ». Mateo gave more concrete details, explaining that in 2010 the budget was 1,200 million, while in 2020 it did not reach 1,000 million. « With 200 million less, we must modernize ourselves, face personnel costs, feed new channels, radio stations and, » he explained.

« It is not for me to say what the system is, but to indicate where the current system is having problems, » Mateo stressed. As for possible proposals, understands that « it should be considered » that the new streaming platforms also contribute to the financing of RTVE as well as television and telecommunications operators.

Respond to criticism of « tampering »

At the request of the socialist senator Miguel Ángel Vázquez, Rosa María Mateo has taken stock of her years as head of RTVE. A job that the administrator describes as « positive » and that she has always faced « with great enthusiasm and desire ». « It seemed to me a gift of providence, that at my age something like this was entrusted to me« , He has recognized despite the fact that there have been » lights and shadows « in his career.

In the face of criticism from PP and VOX, which called the public network « sectarian » and « manipulated, » Rosa María Mateo responded sharply. « There is no ideological bias either in the news or in the news and entertainment programs« The administrator understands that the mission of RTVE » is not to embrace an ideology « , but » to report rigorously on the facts. «