The crisis following the coronavirus pandemic could lead to a return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid.

This is a certainty for most observers: the coronavirus will profoundly change the face of world football. And not only because Gianni Infantino, the president of Fifa, promised “totally different football”. “We will be better, more human and more attentive to real values,” he said.

Hard hit by the Covid-19, Italy is also waiting for the crisis following the pandemic to completely change the situation. For the Gazzetta dello Sport, the cards could be redistributed, which should therefore benefit the Cadors of Serie A. The daily transalpine indeed expects that the prices on the transfer market will experience a sharp devaluation, thus making stars accessible which until then seemed unaffordable. Agüero, Aubameyang, Pogba, James, Vidal and even Messi could thus swell the ranks of the Italian championship.

Also convinced of an inevitable and profound change, the Corriere dello Sport has a much less optimistic vision of the future. The Turin daily expects Juventus Turin to be hit hard by the coming crisis and have to tighten their belts. And this despite the decision of the Turin players to lower their wages. So much so that the Old Lady does not decide to separate from Cristiano Ronaldo. While the trend, seen from Piedmont, was until then a contract extension, the Italian champions, unable to recruit the renowned players expected by CR7, would think about letting go of the five-time Golden Ball.

Turin leaders would consider that the investment of more than 100 million euros is already profitable and may not be too greedy. The Bianconeri, in addition to saving 40 million euros in annual salary, could therefore be satisfied with a check for 60 million euros. An amount that should not scare Real Madrid. Still according to Corriere dello Sport, the Merengue club would indeed be tempted to bring back its former player. On one condition, however: make the Portuguese accept a drop in wages.