ASUNCION, Paraguay – The
former Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, known as Ronaldinho, and his
brother, Roberto, they entered this Tuesday night in a hotel in Asunción
where they will carry out house arrest, after leaving the police headquarters where they passed
one month in preventive prison for entering the country with Paraguayan passports

The house arrest was resolved
a few hours earlier by a guarantees judge at a review hearing for
measures and after depositing in the state National Development Bank the sum
$ 1.6 million as bail for the two brothers.

Former soccer player Ronaldinho Gáucho and his brother Roberto were transferred to an Asunción prison after the preventive detention order signed by a judge at the Palace of Justice.

Two police patrolmen
they led Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Roberto, in turn the person in charge of their
business, to the Hotel Palmaroga, on the popular four-star Palma street and
media and owned by the Spanish group Barcelona,

There they waited for the old
Barcelona player a group of journalists, the only presence in the place
due to the restrictions on the movement of people that governs in Paraguay as
prevention to COVID-14.

Brazilian Ronaldinho Gáucho and his brother Roberto were arrested this Friday in the cause of falsification of passports with which they entered Paraguay

Already inside, the two
brothers cleaned their hands and followed the established protocol
due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Minutes before they had left
the Specialized Association, about seven blocks from the hotel and dependence on the
National Police that also works as a prison.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother Roberto in custody.

The former player and his brother
They have a room each in that hotel, where they will be subjected to a
police custody and with the prohibition to leave Paraguay.

The maximum time of
preventive prevention in Paraguay is six months, although it is not ruled out that
the case of some other favorable turn for the two brothers.

This after the judge of
guarantees, Gustavo Amarilla, will grant them the alternative measure of arrest
domiciliary, which the Prosecutor’s Office did not oppose either.

In fact, after the hearing in
the Palace of Justice, Amarilla explained its resolution because the
situation of the two defendants has changed “based on the
Proceedings of the Public Ministry “and depending on the expertise
made to the phones of the two brothers.

The judge also referred to the
position of the Public Ministry, in the sense that it did not find “facts
punishable for expanding against them in the use of those public documents of
false content. “

Amarilla himself had
rejected the second week of March the request of the lawyers to agree
to ambulatory freedom or to house arrest of the two brothers in
a mansion valued at $ 800,000, which was also presented as bail.

Yellow justified his refusal
then due to a danger of flight and the political dimensions of the case, which
it splashes to the Migration Directorate and the Identification Department,
that issues passports and identity cards.

The two brothers fulfilled this
Monday a month of preventive detention after being charged for entering with
fake Paraguayan passports at Asunción’s international airport on
last March 4.

That process was carried out
by airport officials, as the brothers awaited the process in
a VIP room.

They had arrived to inaugurate a
casino, present an autobiographical book and then support an image with a
foundation that organized a social assistance program for Paraguayan children.

The foundation was chaired
by the Paraguayan businesswoman Dalia López, who received the former soccer player in the
airport and is missing and under arrest warrant

Businesswoman lawyers
They assured that it processed Paraguayan passports for the two brothers to
through a private agency and which is not responsible for these resulting

Ronaldinho’s defense held
that these documents were a gift to which the two did not give much importance
brothers, who were interested in establishing businesses in Paraguay

The imputation that weighs on the two brothers is
use of false content public documents, with an expectation of penalty of
up to five years in prison.