ASUNCIÓN – The famous former Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho Gáucho and his brother Roberto were transferred to an Asunción prison on Saturday after the pre-trial detention order signed by a judge at the Palace of Justice, where they had both appeared about six hours earlier for the imposition of measures. .

The judge of guarantees Clara Ruiz ordered the admission to the Specialized Association, a headquarters of the National Police, in Asunción, which welcomes criminals with drug trafficking causes and where the two brothers spent their first night on Friday as defendants.

The magistrate told the media at the end of the hearing that she made that decision because she has “elements indicating that (Ronaldinho) used authentic documents with false content.”

Brazilian Ronaldinho Gáucho and his brother Roberto were arrested this Friday in the cause of falsification of passports with which they entered Paraguay

He also referred to the existence of a flight risk by both defendants. “There is danger of flight, a foreigner who entered the country illegally,” said the judge.

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, 39, and Roberto de Assis Moreira, 46, had been charged with that charge on Friday after they entered the Asunción International Airport on Wednesday with false passports.

The judge explained that the maximum duration of an investigation process in Paraguay is six months, although she clarified that this time could be reduced depending on the allegations of the defense of the former player and his brother, who is also his representative.

Ruiz also reported that he rejected the proposal for a house arrest made by the defense of the two brothers, since he was not presented with enough documentation about the homes mentioned.

During the hearing, the defense of the two brothers proceeded to challenge the judge, which is pending, but did not interrupt the hearing as it was called to adopt precautionary measures.

This Saturday, the arrest warrant issued by the Prosecutor’s Office against Dalia López, the Paraguayan businesswoman who hired the former soccer player to put her image in a free healthcare campaign for children in Paraguay, was also revealed.

Ronaldinho Gaúcho and his brother Roberto in custody.

López, akin to the ruling Colorado Party, and who was not called to testify in the entire process, is the president of the Angelic Fraternity Foundation, registered as a non-profit association and in charge of the project that Ronaldinho was going to support.

The Undersecretariat of Taxation (SET) announced this Friday that López has been investigated for half a year for alleged tax evasion and money laundering.

López received Ronaldinho on Wednesday at the Asunción airport with Wilmondes Sousa, the Brazilian businessman who allegedly handed over the false passports with which they entered the country.

However, Sousa’s lawyers pointed to López as the person who provided those documents to the brothers: two authentic, but adulterated, Paraguayan passports, and two forged identity cards.

Paraguayan María Isabel Gayoso and Esperanza Apolonia Caballero are also under house arrest on suspicion of having been the people who requested the expedition and collected the passports that were later manipulated in the name of the Assis brothers.