Tuesday August 11, 2020

In a confusing incident, Ronaldinho in the company of his brother confronted the Paraguayan justice, for the illegal possession of false documents in March. From there, the former Barcelona star has been deprived of freedom, but his luck could change on August 24.

The Brazilian star, Ronaldinho Gaucho, has not had a good time during his stay in Paraguay. Upon arriving in that country, he was arrested along with his brother for carrying false passports, which cost him to be detained in a penitentiary. After paying $ 3 million to go out on probation, ‘Dinho’ is under house arrest in a hotel, where he was accused of holding parties with models.

“There are days when at least two girls arrive. And that yes: full drink and I think they are models because they have all the looks, well produced, besides that they arrive in luxurious trucks. Those who are known models enter the parking lot directly and those who are unknown get off in front of the hotel and then the car that approaches them withdraws. They do dances and karaoke until the early hours of the morning, ”an anonymous source told the Paraguayan daily Popular.

He also added that “those who ask the girls for those little parties are not the brothers, it is the businessmen who‘ give gifts ’to the girls. These businessmen contact the representatives of the models and set the amount and they leave. Ronaldinho and his brother do not spend a single peso ».

It should be remembered that on August 24, Ronaldinho and his brother will have a hearing where their freedom could be decreed.