Ronald Koeman: the perfect excuse to kill the Barcelona coach

The overwhelming defeat of Barcelona in front of PSG in the first leg of the round of 16 Champions League has left very touched Ronald Koeman. The Dutch coach was completely down after 1-4, having clear that the options of winning a title this season are beginning to evaporate with several months to go until the end of the course.

Ronald Koeman has already been several weeks showing a pessimistic version. I had not even finished the first round of the Santander League and the former coach of the Oranje already gave up the title almost for lost: “La Liga is very complicated,” he said last December, although he always left the door open to a miracle. After falling before the Seville, 2-0 in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey, the Dutchman also saved a space for hope, but practically traced the same phrase: “The tie is complicated.”

After being defeated 1-4 by the PSG, Ronald Koeman neither did he hide. “There are very few options to come back,” answered the coach of the Barcelona. A pessimistic speech regarding the results, but for months he has been seen quite annoyed by certain aspects of the culé game. The lack of goal, the lack of forcefulness in defense, conceding so many goals … are some of the points that have not convinced the Dutchman since he arrived to replace Quique Setien the last summer.

In his favor, he plays that the revolution he asked for was not carried out in its entirety. Ronald Koeman He also asked for the head of other players, but finally they only came out Luis Suárez, Arturo Vidal, Rakitic and Rafinha, since the sale of Arthur It occurred before the signing of the Dutchman. Neither did some of the players you requested arrive: Giorgino Wijnaldum, Memphis Depay and Éric García, which did not arrive in summer or winter.

Candidates doubt Koeman

On March 7, the elections to the presidency of the Barcelona and there are only three people who aspire to be the maximum agent of the Barça club: Joan Laporta, Víctor Font and Toni Freixa. The first of them leaves with an advantage due to their past, but the other two candidates are also campaigning quite hard to convince the Barça members that a breath of fresh air is needed in the Barça team.

Ronald Koeman it has not been the favorite of any of the three candidates. None have publicly dampened in announcing that if they are elected they will throw the Dutchman out, but each one has their cards in store so as not to destabilize the team. The electoral campaign has also coincided with that moment in which the Barcelona It has entered into a good dynamic, but at the moment of truth it has failed: against Athletic in the Spanish Super Cup, in the semifinals against Sevilla, and in the first leg against PSG.

Joan Laporta, big favorite to be the new president of the Barcelona, he has an ace tucked up his sleeve. The coach chosen by the lawyer is, as we reveal in OKDIARIO, Jürgen Klopp. Laporta He wants to recreate a winning project like the one he fell in love with a decade ago, but it is true that the signing of the Liverpool manager will not be easy.

On the other hand, Victor Font assured that he would trust Koeman, but it gave him little room for error by ensuring that if things did not work out, if he were elected as president of the Barcelona, the person responsible for taking over the helm of the Culé ship would be Xavi Hernandez. The current Al-Sadd coach already sounded loud after the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde, but he believed he was not ready to take the leap yet, but the story has changed.

By last, Toni Freixa neither has he married Ronald Koeman. Lluís Carreras would be responsible for the sports field and revealed that they are closely evaluating the Dutchman: from his training methodology to his press conferences. Therefore, after these results in games so important for the future of the season, the reports cannot be entirely positive.

Xavi takes a step forward

Despite the fact that in the month of January 2020 Xavi Hernandez met with Eric Abidal and Óscar Grau when looking for a replacement for Ernesto Valverde. The negotiations were unsuccessful for various reasons. Xavi He did not want to leave Al-Sadd at the time because of the challenges ahead and he did not look entirely prepared to take that leap of sitting on the bench Camp Nou.

But now, more than a year later, the story is very different for Xavi Hernandez. And it is that while the Barcelona he was defeated against PSG FIFA published an interview in which he openly expressed his enthusiasm for leading the Barça team. «I don’t want to hide and I would like to train the Barcelona, but always respecting the coach who is now, “he replied.

The mythical ‘6’ Barca is one of the most beloved footballers in global history and, above all, recent Barcelona. Any candidate bearing the name of Xavi Hernandez in his program he would win part of the culé fans, but as Guardiola with own Barça, Simeone with the Athletic or Raul with the Real Madrid, Xavi it is destined to end up directing the entity of Barcelona.