Ronald Acuña Jr. makes donations in his native country, Venezuela

The Venezuelan of the Braves from Atlanta in the MLB, Ronald Acuña Jr. performed donations with a young Venezuelan who has a chance to play baseball in Portugal.

Alejandro Rivero is the name of the Creole who has a chance to play professional baseball in the Portuguese League. However, he did not have the necessary resources to buy his ticket and get his Passport. The baseball player Braves, Ronald Acuña Jr. appeared to help him.

The 18-year-old young man went out to sell chicha in order to raise the money to get his ticket and fulfill his dream, but the crisis in Venezuela made it a bit complicated.

Through Néstor Molina, pitcher for Cardenales de Lara, Ronald Acuña Jr. performed donations for Rivero to fulfill his dream of playing baseball. The player of the MLB, will donate the cost of the ticket and $ 200 that were missing to get his passport.

Without a doubt, this kind of donations from Ronald Acuña Jr. who is hitting home runs in the Big leagues, shows that “El Abusador” not only has the talent inside the field, but outside the MLB too.