Ronald Acuña Jr. injured his foot in the game against the Toronto Blue Jays

The gardener of the Braves from Atlanta, Ronald Acuña Jr., had to leave Thursday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Big leagues (MLB), this after an apparent injury to his foot after a base run.

In the seventh inning, Ronald Acuña Jr. left the Braves Due to an injury to his foot, specifically in the ankle, this after he starred in an intense race from home plate to first base in search of getting to safety with that hit.

A grounder to third base was the beginning of this and we hope it is not a serious injury, since the Venezuelan of the Braves showed his usual speed, but due to so much intensity with which he plays in the Big leagues, he injured one of his ankles.

Here the video:

We will hope that they report Braves, but perhaps and it is not so serious, since Ronald Acuña Jr. He left walking, with difficulties, but finally walking next to the trainers of his team in the MLB.

It is the third time this season of MLB what Acuna Jr. He comes out of a game due to injury, since he was previously the abdomen against the Chicago Cubs and a few days ago a hard hit on the little finger against the Philadelphia Phillies.

According to a report, the situation of Acuna Jr. it’s day to day and your return to the field will depend on how you feel tomorrow.

The gardener of the Braves Before coming out with this injury, he hit another home run on the first pitch of the game in the 2021 season of Big leagues, same with which he reached 12 and is the leader of this department in all of baseball.

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