Ronald Acuña Jr. hit his 18th home run of 2021 and tied Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

The Venezuelan of the Braves from Atlanta, Ronald Acuña Jr., he hit his eighteenth home run of the 2021 season of Big leagues (MLB) and in that way he equaled his friend, the Dominican Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

By playing between Braves and Philadelphia Phillies, Ronald Acuña Jr. made itself felt again in this season of Big leagues and hit his 18th home run of the year to match Vladimir Guerrero Jr. for the league lead.

Before an old acquaintance, Austin Nola, he was the one who once again received a home run of Acuna Jr. on the MLB, this being a dantesque hit that the Venezuelan of the Braves fired at the first pitch of that turn to place the game 2-0 in favor of his team.

Here’s the home run:

Nola was wrong leaving that four-seam fastball in the power zone Acuna Jr. and he continued his hitting streak on the first pitch and dispatched his sixth home run of the MLB 2021 of that characteristic, being the one with the most in the National League.

That home run # 18 from the outfielder of the Braves It had a departure speed of 116 miles per hour and was so huge that it reached 460 feet, a hit that allows it to reach 16 towed in the current harvest of Big leagues.

That hit of Ronald Acuña Jr. now allows him to have 55 hits in 2021 with the Braves, a .281 batting average and a 1,000 OPS. Plus, it puts him one homer out of 100 for life in MLB

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