There are cases worthy of study in the world of sports and one of them is Romina Oprandi. This tennis player born in Switzerland and with an Italian passport due to family history, presents records on her career that are difficult to understand. Without a doubt, the most heartbreaking is the one related to injuries. Shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, lower body muscles and a long etcetera make up the rosary of injuries that have impeded the normal development of his career. At 34 years of age, she has announced her definitive withdrawal from tennis, after going through the operating room 16 times and having, despite this, become the 32 of the WTA ranking.

Tennis player from another time, with a particular style, with a lot of touch, short setbacks and a bizarre forehand, Oprandi suffered the first of his stops in 2007; He was out for a year, relapsed in 2009 with two months off the track, another three months in 2012, half the season in 2013, three months in 2015, half of 2016 and practically no activity during 2017 and 2018. The question is:How could someone with this medical history have come to compete at the highest level and be a professional tennis player? Perhaps the most incredible thing about the matter is that Romina became the 32 of the WTA ranking on June 10, 2013, without having won a single WTA tournament or passing the third round in Grand Slam.

Incredible but true. Just in the Australian Open 2012 He managed to pass the second round of a top-notch tournament, this being his great milestone, in addition to a whopping 26 ITF titles. That ability to compete with guarantees in the second level of world tennis was what allowed Oprandi to score points between injury and injury, and continue persevering in his attempt to return to normality. But every time he recovered from one physical problem, another one arose. Imagine the mental wear and tear it brings, the despair, the hours of work away from the slopes that remain in borage water.

Romina never gave up and tried again in the previous phase of Roland Garros 2019. It has been a year since he surprised to use his protected ranking and beat his compatriot Ylena In-Albon, to later fall to Varvara Lepchenko. “You appreciate the privilege of being a tennis player when you are healthy. I think we never value everything we have until we lose it; I have learned not to bother about small things after so much suffering,” he said in words collected by TennisActu. Imagine what happened a short time later.

Yes, you guessed it. Played a tournament ITF 60,000 in Brescia, and after a game, he retired. It was his last appearance on a tennis court. A new injury, a new setback to the dream shattered over and over again. This time there were no forces to continue and Romina Oprandi He made the decision to which he had long seemed cruelly predestined, and which he had only been able to emulate with his tireless work and love of tennis. The most bumpy race in recent tennis history is over and the question of what could be and was not will always remain.