Romantic interest? Lucía Méndez speaks from “La Vero”

Romantic interest? Lucia Méndez speaks of “La Vero” | Instagram

The actress Lucía Méndez, who has placed herself in the middle of the controversy due to the fleeting relationship that she reveals she had with Luis Miguel, again addressed her alleged “rivalry” with Veronica Castro and old rumors of a supposed romantic interest.

She is famous for her performance in melodramas such as “Colorina”, “Viviana”, “You or nobody”, “The strange return of Diana Salazar”, among many others, Lucia Mendez, was questioned regarding the “relationship” with Verónica Castro, which for several years has been speculated, has been “bad” and this commented:

It’s like, I do something and she is immediately the same, she has the same thing, I don’t understand ”, said Méndez during the talk starting at 51:43.

The “TV actress“She revealed that she feels puzzled since she realized the similarity between her career and that of Verónica, also an actress, host and singer.

Méndez who has ventured into the big screen as “film actress“, has been alien and reserved when questioned about other controversial issues of the show but on this occasion, again addressed the issue of the alleged” enmity “with the host.

She points out that “she has never really had an opinion on the subject since it is not something that takes her sleep away” although if the comments in which they point out seem curious to her, it seems that “La Veró” follows in her footsteps.

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It was through the program “Chisme No Like” where the singer, Lucía Leticia Méndez Pérez, better known as Lucía Méndez in the entertainment environment, spoke openly about her relationship with her partner.

Actually, I have not said anything, I have not said anything because I do not care, but there are people who tell me more and more and more, that whenever I do something, they have to go out to try to erase or treat to overcome, and it really is worthy of analysis, said Lucia.

Even, apparently this curious competition is not only limited to the professional activities of each one since the singer, who recently promoted her new song “Your party is over”, also hinted that even the most famous of her conquests would have a direct relationship with the star on the screen.

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Was it claimed by Verónica Castro?

Even the YouTube channel’s own hosts recalled the strong rumors in which it was speculated that something more than “a friendship” could arise between the pair of legendary figures, referring to the fact that Lucía Méndez could have been claimed by the actress from “La Casa de las Flores “, this was what the businesswoman commented:

Yes they have told me, but I don’t believe it at all. Yes they have told me, Maximiliano Lumbia has told me a lot, he is an Argentine journalist and I tell him, no, you are crazy, you are wrong, you are crazy, “the singer revealed.

Likewise, he reiterates that he has chosen to ignore said rumors and even hinted that he alludes to Castro’s possible behavior out of a feeling of wanting to overshadow his work and name rather than out of an alleged “attraction.”

For her part, “La Méndez” clarified that she is not even aware of the life of her partner and has only realized what is happening by third parties or those who question her to know her opinion.

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And it is that in the midst of the situations that both really share, it could be deduced that they could have shared up to a certain camaraderie since their respective lives have been marked by certain similar eventualities.

The two became big stars, actresses on television, theater, singers, they have shared the same couples and even offensive attacks have been launched towards each other and although many have asked to see them collaborate together, this has not been possible.

In a past interview, it was the actress herself of novels such as “Wild Rose” who did react in an annoying way to such speculations, which seemed to her a complete “clown,” she commented.

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He also added that he was very bothered by everything that was rumored regarding the relationship between the two, “I suppose Lucia must be bothered by the same stupid things they do,” he pointed out.

There is no need to tie knives, to be talking nonsense between one and the other, “La Vero” exploded before the cameras of Ventaneando.

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