Roman Reigns did not work at WrestleMania 36 as scheduled. Instead, he went home and Braun Strowman faced Goldberg for the Universal Title. This created a situation where The Big Dog left its owning yard, and is being replaced as best it can.

Reigns is still at home in full quarantine. She is not going back to work yet, but she doesn’t mind making that decision. That doesn’t change the difficult situation WWE is in without him.

There has been no support or push for Reigns to return to the ring. The Samoan promised his fans to return, but it seems it won’t happen soon.

Roman Reigns still far from WWE

The Ringside News portal has reported that Roman Reigns is not said to be part of the SummerSlam plans. His name hasn’t been backstage in a creative sense for a long time.

WWE isn’t making any plans for Reigns, but that doesn’t mean he’s gone forever. It can’t wait to get back into action, but it will have to be done safely.

You can never rule out the possibility that Vince McMahon is a big surprise where only a handful of people realize an unexpected moment. It’s still not a great idea to rely too heavily on Roman Reigns to return at SummerSlam.

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