Roman Reigns can’t wait to return to WWE, but the time is not yet. He is at home in full quarantine while thinking about his family during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the moment, as previously reported, the company still does not speak of Roman in the company’s backstage, as there is still uncertainty.

Roman Reigns prepares to return to WWE

While talking to The Hindu, Roman Reigns talked about when he will return to WWE. It can’t wait to “kick butt,” and you’re ready to go. Training has not stopped either. You just have to wait until the coronavirus pandemic stabilizes, or there is a vaccine for the dreaded virus.

“I’m ready to crush people if you know what I mean. I have been training my butt during this pandemic. As for fighting in front of an empty arena, it’s hard and I really commend all the boys and girls who are doing it. All I learned was to react and interact with our fans … so that is the most difficult part. “

“But when it comes to that, I’m going to go in there and compete at the highest level … hopefully for a championship.” More specifically, the Universal Championship. If not, I will be there to prove that I am not only on top of the mountain, but that I am the mountain. I am the biggest star of [WWE]regardless of whether I am on the show or not… so I have everything to prove and everything to lose too. ”

Roman Reigns was slated to defeat Goldberg at WrestleMania. He appeared, but then a situation behind the scenes made him change his mind. He went home and then Braun Strowman was put in his place.

Reigns will fight again, but it will be some time. At least she’s keeping fit and preparing to say when she’ll crush people in the ring again.

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