Jorge Amor Ameal I speak in TNT Sports on the influence it continues to have Juan roman riquelme in footballers and on the outbreak of infections that occurred in the campus of Mouth.

The president of « Xeneize » referred to the difference in games played that Libertad de Paraguay has. « There is a disadvantage that is real, anyone who talks with coaches, with players, with physical trainers knows that it is a disadvantage, but we strongly believe in our players, in our coach, in Roman … That he continues to play and every day he plays better, nobody sees him but he plays. So we all have faith that this is going to work, they also told us that it was impossible to win the previous championship and it was won, « he put out his chest.

Then, Ameal he insisted: « There is a silent work that unfortunately is not seen in MouthIf you saw what the Football Council works, what Roman works … Roman drives everyone crazy all day talking about football and then you see the results. « 

The boss « xeneize » also expressed himself about all the infected he had Mouth. « There was no negligence here, we believe in our professionals, this is something that no one can predict, it is a pandemic and these things happen. We are studying the problem and making reports, but Mouth all he tried was to do things more than well, we emptied a hotel, we spent a lot of money, we are the club that made the most swabs at a very important cost … All based on health .. Things did not turn out as one I thought, but today luckily I have visited the players and they are fine, « he completed.