“Roland Garros? My season improves drastically winning in Rome “

Rafa Nadal has won for the tenth time the ATP Masters 1000 in Rome, defeating world No. 1 Novak Djokovic 7-5, 1-6 and 6-3 in 2h.49 ‘. An important trophy two weeks after Roland Garros. In videoconference, these are his reflections from the Italian capital.

The tenth: “Very satisfying, I really wanted this tenth. After the ten at Roland Garros, Monte Carlo and Barcelona, ​​he wanted ten in Rome. There have been moments of suffering during the week but very happy because it is an important title ”.

The drive: Better and better every day with my right hand. At times I have been able to change more to the line of what I was doing. It has been a great improvement with a very important blow in my game, which gives me a lot of confidence. I feel tired but satisfied ”.

The 1-6 of the second set: “Everything happens in this type of game. The normal thing is that you suffer. I had been a little better than him at the end of the first set and at the beginning of the second, but I didn’t convert my chance and then I played a bad game (it cost him the break for 1-3). In the third I had break balls against, but I could pass. I accepted that you can lose the service against the wind. I saved him and on the other side of the track I knew that I could break. Logical ups and downs with so much wind ”.

Motivation and pressure: “I want to win every day, every tournament that I play, although this cannot happen. But the passion and motivation to try are always the same. The pressure is there, but I have the experience to face it ”.

Another fall down the lines of the track: “I was angry because it is dangerous, you can have a major injury. It has happened to me three times. The line is higher than the ground. Lucky to be able to throw my racket really fast, have my hands free to avoid a worse problem. The lines are made of plastic, and they move ”.

Roland Garros: “A special place, possibly the most important in my tennis career. Come home, rest because I have played a lot of tennis here. A couple of days off and to work on some things that I think are necessary and confirm the ones that are going better. Continue with the progression to feel more confident. I know what I need to work on in those two weeks and that’s what I’m going to do. In addition to mental relaxation ”.

“Winning always gives you an extra. The work was already done before this game. Today’s victory is a bonus and I take a very important title. My gravel season I would say so far was neither bad nor very good, and with the victory here it improves drastically. Out of four tournaments I have won two.

“I don’t know what will happen in the future, it is not known until it arrives. To this day I know that I have won an important tournament and game. I was left with the tenth of Rome. I can’t be thinking about four tournaments a year, one can be very frustrated. Tennis goes beyond the Grand Slam. I live from my day to day, from my week to week. We’ll see what it means for Roland Garros, but to prepare it is infinitely better. The perspective is better ”.

From possible 2-3 break down to 4-2 break up in the third: “They have been two decisive break balls, I saved the game, your adrenaline rises, you go on to play with the wind in favor and I win it blank. Then again against the wind and suffer. In this type of game they decide on several balls ”.

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