Roland Garros 2021: Paula Badosa: “Go back to watch the game with Zidansek because I would not like to repeat what happened”

Updated 06/10/2021 – 12:12

Paula Badosa is already in Spain after becoming one of the revelations of this edition of Roland Garros with her presence for the first time in the quarterfinals of the tournament. The Catalan goes over everything she has experienced in MARCA and tells of her plans for what is to come.

If I had to play the quarters again with Tamara Zidansek, would many things change? What would change the most is not to get so nervous. I know it will change things, the way of approaching the game was not the best. Perhaps he should have approached it from tranquility. But I really wanted to be in the semifinals. I will learn from what has happened to me. The nerves will always be there, what I have to do is learn to live with them and accept them. Can the nerves that he had be controlled in some way? At that moment I did not know, I really cared about the game. Perhaps I magnified the situation a bit. I believe that with a good job I know that they can be controlled, what happens is that I need to live more experiences and more games with this pressure to know how to manage them better. An important part of those nerves was because he knew he was in front of a great opportunity with Zidansek as rival? Obviously it did not help, but I think it was a misleading patty because his ranking does not say the true level of Zidansek. She has been playing at a spectacular level, on clay she is one of the best in the world, she has a very good forehand. Mentally for me it was also deceiving because I expected one thing and found another. Seeing the four semifinalists makes you even more angry not being among them? Honestly yes, it costs me and I will have to disconnect from Roland Garros because it is difficult for me. And more when you dream of being in these tournaments and in these rounds. If they have reached the semifinals it is because they have a level and have beaten the best in the world.

I know it makes me angry not to be there and I will have to disconnect from Roland Garros

Not seeing anything from the semifinals and the final? No, trying to be training or doing anything else. If I had done another type of tournament and had lost in another round it is different, but when you have it so close it costs a little more. Who is the title favorite for you? He’s very open, anyone can win. Maybe one is more favorite by ranking, but in this tournament it has been shown that ranking is the least of it. Winning who knows better handle the pressure of a tournament of the magnitude of Roland Garros. Has he been vaccinated already? Yes, it is the first thing I did when I arrived from Paris. I took the first dose and after Wimbledon I get the second. How and when to start preparing for Wimbledon? Start training on the fast track, because there are no grass surfaces here in Marbella. And next week we will go two or three days early to Eastbourne to adapt as well as possible.

I was vaccinated as soon as I arrived in Spain and I have the second dose after Wimbledon

The last thing you think about right now is tennis? I always have tennis on my mind, but I know I have to try to disconnect a little and recharge because the dirt tour has been very intense. Does it look as competitive on grass as it does on gravel? I want to be competitive on all surfaces and my game can adapt well to grass. Whenever I have played I have felt comfortable. I’m only going to play two tournaments. It will be a short tour, but I come with confidence and with games played. I hope I do well. Are you one of those who also think that Wimbledon is the most special tournament in the world? I think it is different, but I also like other tournaments like Roland Garros a lot. I know it is true that Wimbledon is unique, which is why they call it the cathedral of tennis. There is a very traditional atmosphere that is beautiful to live in.

Wimbledon is different, that’s why it’s called the cathedral of tennis

Do you notice in the dressing rooms that rivals look at her and treat her with more respect? It may be that that has changed, but I suppose it is normal that when you win games you earn the respect of the dressing room and that is good. Hopefully I continue to show that I can be in the final rounds and earn the respect of the best in the world. It is an objective because later on the track it shows. Playing doubles at the Tokyo Games? I don’t know how it works because I don’t have a doubles ranking, but if I have a chance I would like to play it. Are you planning to watch the game with Zidansek again or do you want to turn the page? I have mixed emotions, but to learn I will have to watch it again. If I live in a similar situation, I would not like to repeat what happened. Although it is clear that there are better and worse days. I fought until the very last moment and I am glad I left everything on the track.

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