Roland Garros 2021: ‘El Peque’ does not forget the rain: the Argentine had Nadal on the ropes in the 2018 quarters

Updated 06/09/2021 – 11:20

Run on June 6, 2018. Rafael Nadal meda Diego Schwartzman in the Roland Garros quarterfinals and the scoreboard reflected a set against for the Spaniard.

The Argentine had finished with a sequence of 37 sets won by Nadal in the tournament. Suddenly, the rain appeared, postponing the denouement for a day. Rafa had time to file the wounds, reflect on his mistakes and end up going for the eleventh time to the semifinals of the Grand Slam of the land.

The next day already with sun, Rafa’s ball multiplied its effects and the height of his boat. This is how Mats Wilander sums up the importance of weather conditions: “If there is sun for 14 days in a row in Paris, Nadal is unbeatable.”

For now, good weather has reigned in this edition and the weather report indicates that it will persist for the remainder of the week, with temperatures that will exceed 30 degrees.

On Roland Garros 2018 It was the sixth confrontation between the Spaniard and the Argentine. Five more would come and only in one of them did the triumph fall on the side of Peque, a tennis player who received the news of his short stature when he was 13 years old.

Diego Schwartzman’s height ‘problems’

“A doctor told me never to exceed six feet. Height doesn’t mean much to me now. But back then, I was devastated. I didn’t know what I would be able to do right if the doctor was right. I wanted to play tennis, “he says.

Of the top 100 in the ranking, Diego is the lowest. It measures 20 centimeters less than the average of the top 10 among which it has been since October 12, 2020, just after the points of the semifinals of the last Roland Garros were counted. His name goes for Maradona. Look for a triumph at the height of a World Cup this afternoon.

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