Roland Garros 2021: Djokovic – Berrettini: Quarterfinal summary and statistics

DJOKOVIC 6-3, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5 BERRETTINI

On Friday, still without a schedule, the two semi-finals of Roland Garros will be played: Djokovic vs Nadal Y Zverev vs Tsitsipas.

Serve Berrettini. Yells Djokovic after achieving victory over the Italian. He needed three match points to certify the victory and become Nadal’s rival in the semifinals.

Serve Djokovic. The Serbian ensures the tiebreaker and has the option of winning the match against the rest. Much pressure for the Italian (6-5).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian does not fail with his service and seeing how they are showing with the serve, everything indicates that this fourth set will also be resolved in the tie-break (5-5).

Serves Djokovic. Blank game for the Serbian, who is in a position to win the match against the rest (5-4).

Serve Berrettini. It could complicate the game for the Italian. He went from 40-0 to 40 the same, but Berrettini did not lose his cool and equalized the score (4-4).

Serves Djokovic. The Serbian has recovered from the fall in the previous game and firmly wins his serve to continue with an advantage in this fourth set (4-3).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian has solved a very delicate situation. I saved a break ball and ended up winning the game with Djokovic on the floor (3-3).

Play resumes in Paris. We will see how this stop affects the players when the center court is completely empty of public.

The match is interrupted by the curfew in Paris. The public leaves the stands of the Philippe Chatrier and the players wait in their respective dressing rooms for the resumption of the clash.

Serves Djokovic. The Serbian took the game again in a hurry after having witnessed the best blow of the match in an unlikely right hand from the Italian that was applauded by Djokovic himself (3-2).

Serve Berrettini. Seen and unseen this game, which wins blank for the first time in the Berrettini match (2-2)

Serves Djokovic. The Serbian’s parallel backhand was huge to close this third game. With the serve does not show cracks Djokovic (2-1).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian responds firmly and evens the score. Djokovic is aware that his rival has raised his level of accuracy and aggressiveness (1-1).

Serves Djokovic. Nole scored a very important game, with the Italian very grown after winning the tiebreaker in the third set. I suffered a great deal to start by winning the fourth sleeve (1-0)


TIE-BREAKER. The six points that have been achieved in this tiebreak have all been to service. Change of side (3-3). Mini-break in favor of Berrettini after a great forehand (3-4). Djokovic recovers the mini-break after a mistake with the Italian’s left (4-4). Again mini-break in favor of Nole. It has two services to win (5-4). Recover the mini-break the Italian (5-5). The Italian has taken the two points with Nole’s serve and has a set point (5-6). The Italian scores the tiebreaker and extends the game after another great right (5-7).

Serves Djokovic. Nole’s fourth blank set in this set. There will be a tie-break (6-6).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian secures the tie-break. Responds to pressure from the world’s number one (5-6).

Serves Djokovic. The Serbian is intractable with his serve. Again pressure for the Italian with his serve (5-5).

Serve Berrettini. Djokovic had a break ball that he did not take advantage of. The Italian wins an important service and remains determined to extend the game (4-5).

Serves Djokovic. Serbian earns his service with solvency. We reached the moment of truth in this third set. We still have no break options (4-4).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian responds to the pressure of the Serbian to the rest and continues with an advantage in this third set (3-4).

Serves Djokovic. The Serbian accumulates another blank game with his service. Pressure for the Italian with his serve (3-3).

Serve Berrettini. Great winning right from the Italian to close this game. No break options for both players in this third set (2-3).

Serves Djokovic. Berrettini is angry with himself. He makes a mistake with the backhand and Nole scores the game to balance the score (2-2).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian tries to hold on to the track and not give ground in this third set. Your service is recorded to go to the bank with advantage (1-2).

Serves Djokovic. Nole responds with a blank game. The Serbian does not give up and wants to spend as little time as possible on the track (1-1).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian cuts a bad dynamics after losing the last five games. Start the third set ahead on the scoreboard (0-1).


Serves Djokovic. He takes the second Nole in 37 minutes. Nadal-Djokovic closer and closer in the semifinals. Berrettini can’t stop a sweeping Nole (6-2).

Serve Berrettini. Make a fist Djokovic. Second consecutive break by the Serbian to put this second set on track almost definitively (5-2).

Serves Djokovic. It cost the Serbian to carry out this game. The Italian was close but again made mistakes in the important points (4-2).

Serve Berrettini. The Serbian takes advantage of the first break ball he has had in this second set. The Italian’s right went down the baseline and Nole goes to the bank with an advantage (3-2).

Serves Djokovic. Third consecutive blank game Nole wins with his serve. The Italian does not disturb the rest (2-2).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian is encouraged. The rest of Djokovic went to the hall and Berrettini went to the bench with an advantage (1-2).

Serves Djokovic. Second consecutive scoreless game that Djokovic wins with his serve. He closes it with a direct serve (1-1).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian wins the first game of the second set supported again by a great service (0-1).


Serves Djokovic. The Serbian closes the first set with a blank game. 51 minutes to take his first step in search of the semifinal against Nadal (6-3).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian successfully defended his serve. Berrettini uses a very powerful first serve (5-3).

Serves Djokovic. The Italian has wasted the three break options he has had in this first set. Nole was pressured and solved the game with a great service and an unappealable right (5-2).

Serve Berrettini. Great serve and perfect drop from the Italian to close the sixth game in his favor (4-2).

Serves Djokovic. The longest game of the match that Nole solves by clenching his fist. The Italian’s cut backhand went off the baseline and the Serbian expands his lead (4-1).

Serve Berrettini. The first break of the match arrives. The Italian’s right hand went down the hall and the Serbian took the lead in this first set (3-1).

Serves Djokovic. The Italian’s left left in a game where Djokovic has returned to save a break ball (2-1).

Serve Berrettini. The Italian is willing to be intractable with his service. I won the game with authority (1-1).

Serves Djokovic. The Serbian with difficulties won the game. He even had a break ball that the Italian did not take advantage of (1-0).


Be the first time during the entire tournament that a match is played with public at night.

Berrettini, for his part, has surpassed in this edition of Roland Garros Daniel, Coria, Kwon Soonwoo and Federer, although the Swiss did not appear on the track in the quarterfinals.

Djokovic has successively eliminated Sandgren, Cuevas, Berankis and Musetti. The Italian retired in the fifth set after winning the first two.

The winner of this scam quarterfinal match will have the reward of facing Nadal in the semifinals. The other duel with the pass to the final at stake will star Tsitsipas and Zverev.

First clay-court match between Djokovic and Berrettini with a semi-final place at stake. The only precedent in the face to face took place in the London Masters (2019) with a clear victory for the Serbian: 6-2 and 6-1.

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