Roland Garros 2021: Corretja’s master class: the drawing to know how Nadal can hurt Djokovic


06/11/2021 11:22 hours

There are several aspects that will be the key to the game. Rafa’s parallel right, Novak’s parallel reverse, Nole’s right crossed and angled, taking Nadal off the track. Also that Novak is on the court and does not let anyone breathe between hits. If Nadal is at his level, Novak will have no options. Everything happens because Novak has his best day and Nadal is not fine, in that case he will have options, it is really difficult that he can beat him, but not impossible. If Nole thinks about the time he beat Nadal in 2015, he has little to do. Rather, focus on what he did well when he faced the Spaniard in the 2013 semifinals in which he took the match to the 5th set. That was the only match in RG in which Rafa (being at his level) has been pushed to the limit, and that has only been achieved by the Serbian. A great game awaits us, let’s enjoy it.


06/11/2021 11:45 hours

Partidazo, the best and greatest rivalry in the history of sport. In my opinion, the key is centered on Nadal’s backhand. When the backhand works and hurts the opponent, it seems unstoppable. I omit the right, because it is rare that in RG it does not work, but the reverse is decisive. If the parallel works well for him to prepare the points, with speed and depth and the crusader flies him very fast to make hake in the point, Nadal should not have many problems. On the other hand, Nole has a magical parallel backhand that goes backwards to rafa, the problem with that backhand is that it is very flat so either it goes too fast and puts him in difficulties or Nadal makes it “easy” to follow the pattern. point

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