We are at the end of May, dates when everyone in the sport should be biting their nails and talking about Roland Garros, the most important tournament of the clay court tour. However, the world situation has completely changed the panorama, to the point that the Parisian event is in the hands of a pandemic that, despite being increasingly controlled, still does not guarantee anything. September and October could be the months where we set our eyes on the Bois de Boulogne, although not even Guy forget, director of the tournament, is clear about the dates. In an interview with the local media Europe 1, the former Gallic player left some headlines about the current state of negotiations.

– Still no confirmed date

“The official announcement has not yet been made. The tournament should probably start either late September or early October. We are working closely with the ATP, WTA and ITF to make a global announcement of what the circuit will be until the end of the year. There is still an option for the preliminary phase to be played from September 20 and then we will do the tournament the next two weeks, but it is still a bit premature to confirm it now.

– Forced to understand with the US Open

“At this point, there are still many question marks to clear. New York City is currently in a much more serious condition than ours due to the coronavirus. They are also trying to solve big organizational problems, I imagine they will make an announcement in mid-June to explain how they are going to carry out the US Open this season. The most important thing is that each organization focuses on working hard to allow all players to continue living from their profession ”

– With or without an audience?

“My intention when developing the tournament is that it can be played by inviting as many people as possible, welcoming everyone. The fans are really looking forward to tennis and are looking forward to seeing the best players on the circuit in action. Obviously, in the face of a pandemic like this, we are obliged to study and have all the possible options so that there are no risks of any kind. Among them, that of playing without an audience ”.

– Sensations with four months to go

“Today, my feeling is that we are headed in the right direction. For example, we are already experiencing the reopening of stores, we can think that this same case will occur later with restaurants and bars in the coming weeks, although at the moment we do not know for sure what may happen after a month or two. We will adapt to what the Government tells us, but while remaining ambitious and optimistic. I want to believe, let’s hope that Roland Garros can be carried out in good conditions. ”