ROH stopped making content during the current pandemic, but the company never released a single person from their contract. In fact, the professional wrestling company owned by Sinclair Broadcasting paid everyone, even those who were hired, but not under a contract.

ROH would return to television after 6 months

The last event of the ROH company was the Gateway to Honor on February 29. According to the various reports, the company will return to the ring and record television content once again according to PW Insider Elite. Where are you creating a bubble to protect against COVID-19.

According to the report, Ring Of Honor plans to record content once again on August 22 and 23. Where this will take place in Baltimore.

Among those reports is also one that mentions that ROH will use a bubble strategy against Covid-19 similar to the NBA and NHL. They are creating a bubble where talent for detecting COVID-19 will be tested and will only be allowed to be in certain approved locations.

The plans would require Ring Of Honor to shorten its list for recordings. It was not stated who will receive a call to attend, but everyone will be tested for the coronavirus.

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