Without a doubt in these moments in which we are all at home for the COVID-19, the musicians have found creative ways to continue composing and at the same time surprise their fans. Some are playing live and others are taking new tracks from their repertoire, but what really got attention was what he did Roger Waters, sharing a song with which he seeks to encourage everyone in the midst of the pandemic.

Last week, behind big Pink Floyd records such as The Dark Side of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals or The Wall, I announced that due to the contingency and the measures that there are worldwide to avoid the massive contagion of the coronavirus , made the decision to postpone his new tour This Is Not A DrillFor the same reason, the dates that were scheduled in our country. However, he has decided to give a gift to his fans who are currently in social isolation.

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Some days ago, Roger Waters recorded a live video where he told everyone that like them, he was also protected at the moment. But despite the situation, he had time to ‘compose’ a track and immediately began to sing with his guitar “The right to live in peace”, the Chilean protest song that would immortalize the singer-songwriter and writer, Víctor Jara, The song originally addressed the Chilean dictatorship of that time led by Pinochet and last year, it was a hymn for the protests in that country.

We know that the bass player has no hair on his tongue when talking about politics, because he has been one of the biggest detractors of President Donald Trump (It was very clear to us here when he showed messages against him and showed the well-known Pink Floyd pig with the features of the precise one of the United States) and With this reversal of the classic Chilean theme, it was no exception.

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And we say reversal because of course, Roger stuffed him with his harvest. to get started he sang the original part in Spanish and also added some phrases to talk about controversial figures today: “So watch out for Bolsonaro, Giuido, Modi and Trump. The Cassarolazo is stronger than all its weapons, it is the beating heart of the people. And the message is perfectly clear, our mother earth is not for sale. ”

As if this were not enough, Waters shared a message on their social networks where I send greetings to much of the world where there are mobilizations with this song: “This is for the people of Santiago, Quito, Jaffa, Rio, La Paz, New York, Baghdad, Budapest and all the other places where the man wants to harm us.”

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We better not tell you more, check below the cover that Roger Waters made for “The right to live in peace” by the great Víctor Jara and judge for yourself: