Under normal circumstances, right now we would be enjoying the traditional grass tour on the circuit but until everything can return to normal, we will have to content ourselves with watching old games on YouTube or remembering statistics and records like the one we will talk about in this article. And it is that when we talk about grass, there is a name that immediately comes to mind and that is none other than Roger Federer. The Swiss, possibly the best tennis player on grass in the history of tennis, has numbers on this surface that are very difficult to overcome.

Dominator with an iron fist in his first years on the circuit, Federer has been having more competition at Wimbledon in this last decade with the growth of Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic on this surface of just one month on the circuit. Therefore, its performance fell in recent years, also helped by the irreducible passing of the years. Still, Roger Federer’s records on grass are to frame. We compile them.

Note: Note that we have only taken into account from the Open Era onwards since before 1968, tennis was played mainly on grass

– Federer has more titles than anyone: 19

Great players of the Open Era on grass such as McEnroe or Sampras, add between the two 18 trophies. Roger has managed to win more titles on grass than the two together. Eight of those crowns were raised at Wimbledon, being the player with the most wins at the All England Tennis Club, beating the seven Sampras titles or the five Djokovic and Borg titles.

Roger has another fetish tournament in Halle. There, in Germany, the genius from Basel was champion ten times and has in Stuttgart the other title that is missing for the 19 that totals to date. It is a number that does not seem like a big deal, used to hearing larger numbers on other surfaces but with so few tournaments, you just have to see that it doubles its closest rivals.

– Best winning percentage on grass: 87.4%

As we mentioned before, in his first years on the circuit, once established among the best, Roger Federer was far superior to all his rivals when they played tournaments on grass.

To this day, he continues to be the tennis player with the best percentage of victories on this surface, with 87.4% (he has won 187 matches of the 214 disputed). With practically half the games played, Pete Sampras followed with 85.7% (105 games played) and Novak Djokovic with 84.1% wins (113 games played). It is amazing not only the percentage of wins, but the number of games since as the years go by, the players tend to lower their benefits.

– Most games won on grass: 187

Last year, at Wimbledon, Federer left the mark of victories on this surface in 187, surpassing thus the 185 of Jimmy Connors. Leaving Newcombe (145) or Rosellwall (141) aside, among his contemporary rivals he leaves Murray (107), Djokovic (95) or Nadal (71) far behind.

– Best consecutive winning streak on grass: 65 games

Federer remained undefeated on grass from 2003 to 2008, when he lost that famous Wimbledon final to Nadal. Until then, the Swiss had accumulated 65 consecutive victories on grass. Absolute outrage. The pity for him is that that defeat against the Spanish deprived him of achieving a new record and that is that until then, he had 40 consecutive victories at Wimbledon, remaining only one of Björn Borg’s streak between 1976 and 1981.

– Highest number of wins at Wimbledon: 101

Surpassing the hundredth, Roger is the player who has celebrated the victory the most times in a match at the Cathedral of tennis. With 101 wins, he leaves Jimmy Connors’ 84 behind.

– Winner of the ‘Channel Slam’

The Swiss is, along with Rafa Nadal, Rod Laver and Björn Borg, one of the players capable of winning in the same year Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Roger did it in 2009, when he won the tournament in Paris, beating Robin Soderling in the final, and then did the same in London, defeating Andy Roddick in a tremendous final decided by 16-14 in the fifth set.

– Higher tournament-victory effectiveness: 41.3%

Federer has played in his career a total of 46 tournaments on grass. Having won 19 of them, his win percentage is 41.3%, about half of those who have played.

– Greater number and percentage of points won on grass

Throughout his career and to this day, Roger has earned 20,775 points in tournaments played on grass, of the 37,968 he played. That makes him get 54.7% of the points he played, slightly surpassing Pete Samrpas, who has 54.6% (he won 11,693 of the 21,402 he played). Djokovic, with 54%, is in third place.

– Best percentage of games and sets won on grass

No one can come close to Federer’s numbers in terms of games and sets won on this surface. The Swiss took 80.1% of the sets he played (494/617), leaving 77.5% of Sampras behind. As for games, Roger took 58.9% of those who played (3679/6248) in his career, surpassing 58.1% of Djokovic (2046/3251).