After the communiqués issued by Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in recent days sending their messages of encouragement and support to the entire world population, it was a matter of time that Roger Federer do the same through their social networks. This morning, the Swiss player released a statement in which he communicated to the world that he and his wife Mirka will make a donation of one million Swiss francs for the most vulnerable families in their country. The current number four in the world opens his heart asking for commitment and solidarity from all his followers, ensuring that this catastrophe will make us stronger in the future and will keep us more united. That said, it is best that we see Roger’s message in its entirety through this Spanish translation:

“These are very hard and complicated times for everyone and that is why it is important that no one should be left behind. Mirka and I have decided to donate one million Swiss francs for the most vulnerable families in Switzerland. Our contribution is just a start. We hope that more people You can join this initiative as we all need each other. Together we can overcome this serious crisis. We must stay healthy!

– Roger Federer (@rogerfederer) March 25, 2020

Recall that currently in the tennis world is on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic that is affecting the entire world. Currently both the ATP and WTA circuits are in ‘stand by’ until June 7, but everything indicates that this suspension will last a couple of months and even many experts talk that we will not have more tennis until 2021. The weather will say. Still, it is gratifying to see how great sports figures such as Roger Federer help with initiatives of this type. We will see if more tennis players join and manage to help the most disadvantaged.