While tennis fans continue to count the days to see the return of this sport in August (if nothing strange happens), there are fans who will have to wait much longer to see their idols, such as Abhay Kasavaraju, an Indian fan of poetry and writing who has dedicated a text to his Instagram account to Roger Federer To express, not only the desire you have to see him play again but also what he does or has made you feel throughout all these years.

The Indian’s text has moved a lot on social networks since he first published it three days ago since there are many people, fans of the Swiss tennis player, who have been reflected in the feelings expressed by Abhay on his Instagram and by the way In which he does it, not only remembering things that happened in the Swiss’s career but for everything that he still hopes to be able to witness, with what left him as a tennis player for Federer.

“I think I was six years old when I first saw you on TV. I was too young to understand the game but since I saw you, I knew there was something special about you. You would become a special part of my life, similar to what would happen to millions of other people.

In the newspapers we could see your records on a regular basis but what I admired most about you was your smile. It was a smile like that of a child, humble. That said a lot about this man who simply played a sport he loved so much, making millions of people fall in love with him.

I was eight years old when Nadal defeated you at Wimbledon. I still didn’t understand tennis too much, but it broke my heart and made me cry. Soon after, I learned that this was one of the best games that had ever been played and that this would be the beginning of a rivalry and a great friendship between the two of you.

For me, July will always be Roger Federer’s month, because you were the player with the most magic in the grass tournaments that have been played.

Your movements on the track are like magic. Every setback of yours is incomparable poetry.

There are amazing moments of yours that come to mind, but always, at the end of all of them, it doesn’t matter if you won or lost, you always had that calm smile on your face.

They all say that you have grown older and that your blows have lost their touch, that these injuries will end your career and that you will never return. Three years ago, when you returned to the Australian Open, you fought in every game as if it were your last. You smiled even more and hit the ball so wisely that you beat Rafa to lift the title. You demonstrated to the world that your magic never gets older.

That was a difficult year in my life and your victory was the light that I needed. Like many other people, I will be waiting to see you on the track again. I will be waiting for you to return to being the light and give us hope. To make us smile thanks to you and to fall a little more in love with this sport, making us believe in perfection and in ourselves. “