Maturity, intelligence and honesty. They are three of the virtues that it transmits Roger Federer every time you undergo an interview and when it takes place in a calm and unhurried environment, the conclusions that can be drawn from what the Swiss teacher said are very important. The Basel player takes on the vital moment in which he finds himself and is aware that his figure exceeds sports. He seeks to express his last years as a professional and strives to launch inspiring messages that reaffirm his role as a world leader. The German newspaper Zeit has had the privilege of having a wonderful chat with a special man.

– The loneliness of the tennis player on the court and everything that this requires. “Tennis is a very special sport, it is very hard to spend hours and hours on the court, with a lot of nerves, and not even being able to ask your family or coach anything. That is why we talk so much alone. There will be people who think we are crazy, but sometimes you have to talk to yourself to release the tension and find the necessary concentration. I say to myself all the time: point by point, step by step. As a junior I did nothing but criticize myself, in every ball , and threw the racket. My parents were ashamed and told me that they would not come with me to any tournament again, “recalls the Swiss.

– A decisive moment in your career and a process to change your attitude. On some occasion, we have recalled a famous Swiss game against Franco Squillari in Hamburg 2001, where he gave a very bad image, as the Argentine himself recalled in a talk with Puntodebreak. “I was playing poorly and ended up breaking the racket. I saw how my family, my team, my coaches looked at me, and I felt that I could never repeat that. I had to change definitively. It was a long process and I received the help of a psychologist. It took me two years in finding the perfect balance between passion and calm, “declares the Helvetian.

– I walk to professionalism when I was just a child. “My parents spent about 30,000 Swiss francs a year on my tennis training (right now it would be equivalent to 28,000 euros), but they were skeptical that I could be a professional. When I turned 16, I asked them about the need to leave school to fully focus in tennis. My father told me that I was 2. If there were no clear options for being a professional in that period, I would go straight back to school. I told him that he trusted me, that he believed he had something special and, fortunately, soon I became number 1 junior.

– Who have been your great references. “I became a tennis player thanks to Boris Becker, I loved his style, although then my favorite was always Stefan Edberg. Also the Hingis hatch caught me when I was young and I really enjoyed his feats of earliness. A sportsman who has always been inspiring to me is Michael Jordan “, reflects the Swiss before being questioned by The Last Dance. “I have to see it, they have told me a lot about it and I want to see it all often. I have sometimes thought of taking cameras that film my day to day, but it is not easy because I travel with the family and I want some privacy,” he said.

– Rivalry with Rafael Nadal. “When I met him he surprised me because he was extremely shy off the court and you saw him compete … The aggressiveness with which he played was incredible. There was a lot of rivalry between us and sometimes it was not easy. We have had great duels, but we always respected each other We knew each other that we were referents of many people and represented our beloved sport. Our families get along very well, we always congratulate each other on the triumphs “.

– Longing for tennis right now and how it faces the next withdrawal. “At first I was only concerned with health, but now I really miss the feeling of playing in a full stadium. I know that the time to retire is getting closer and I think I am going to miss the circuit a lot. I must be patient and Keep working. It would have been easy for me to retire at this juncture, but I want to continue giving myself the opportunity to enjoy tennis. Rehabilitation is going well, I’m going to take my time to get back in top shape, “says Roger.

– What has been your best moment as a professional tennis player. “My first victory at Wimbledon is what comes to my mind instantly when they ask me that. Winning that tournament was what I had always dreamed of as a child and seeing it suddenly become reality, it was magical. That was the moment. most beautiful and important of my entire sports life, “he said Roger Federer in a really interesting interview.