Roger Federer He has again given interviews to various media after publicizing his line of sneakers ‘The Roger’. Yesterday we echoed his words to a German medium, where he talked about how much Roger will miss tennis when he retires but in a podcast for The business of fashion, the Helvetian developed a little more that thought he has about his career, at the point where he is currently, and how he glimpses in the background that inevitable end that one day will come.

– There was talk that 2020 would be his last year and that he would do a kind of farewell circuit.

“I already feel like I’ve been on that farewell circuit since I won Roland Garros in 2009, then I won Wimbledon in an epic final against Roddick and my daughters were just born. I thought, it’s over, after this summer, I quit. But then I I realized that I was only 28 years old and that I still had a lot to do. I still enjoyed playing tennis but the truth is that if at that time they had told me that at 38 or 39 I would still continue playing tennis, that in 2016 they would have operated on me of the knee and that in 2019 two more on the other knee, would have answered: ‘Are you crazy?’ “.

– At the moment, Federer continues without thinking about the withdrawal.

“The truth is that, as long as I don’t have serious risks to my health, my four children and my wife continue to be happy and support me in the pursuit of this dream, if I manage to manage all that and continue to compete against the best and fight for the great tournaments, honestly, I’ll keep playing. I don’t care about traveling. It’s part of my life, I love it. I’ve been traveling the world for over 20 years, without stopping. It’s hard, I’m telling you, when we’re all at home I we had a great time but when we travel too “.

– How do you feel about the recent operations on your knee and your plans for the next season.

“I am working on my rehabilitation and my goal is to be able to be 100% by December or January, so that I can compete the entire season in 2021. I do not believe in dream finals because it is very easy to be wrong. If I had wanted such an ending, I would have retired after beating Nadal in five sets in Australia in 2017, just as if I had defeated Djokovic last year at Wimbledon, I would not have retired either. “

– Roger Federer looks back nostalgically but still thinks he has things to discover and achieve.

“I think I still have things to do. This year I will be 39, I will be 40 next year. It is crazy for me to think that I have been traveling the circuit for more than 23 years. Everything has happened very quickly. I have had a great time Well, it seems like I was a junior just five years ago but it really will be 25 years now, I am grateful to continue having the passion to continue playing.

My physical trainer, Paganini, programmed me a training block for 20 weeks and asked me if I wanted to do it and I said yes, of course. I would like to discover what else is there for me, in tennis. I hope I can have a good 2021 and from there, we’ll see. “