Rodrigo: “The game against Germany is a great test to know where we are” | Spain

Rodrigo Hernandez attended the media to analyze the meeting that will measure Spain Y Germany in The Cartuja from Seville. The selection is only worth the victory to be in the final phase of the League of Nations. The player of the Manchester City points to starter since Busquets is out due to injury.

Goal foul

“For me I don’t know if the goal is so important, the important thing is to win. The games go for details and I don’t see the rest scoring many goals. It is a pending task, but we are showing that we are doing well. We have had games against very powerful teams, we have not won, but neither have they. I’m calm, we have great footballers who score goals, but it’s everyone’s job, not just for the strikers ”.


“You have to put things in perspective. We must demand the maximum without being penalized. We know the rival we have tomorrow. It is a great selection and in the group stages the matches opt for details. We always want to win, but we go step by step. We don’t want to get confused. Each game must be approached as a final and with the mentality that we can stand up to any team ”.

Without speculating

“We expect a strong German team, like in the first leg, where we both were able to win. I expect a very complicated and demanding game and it is a great test to know where we are. We are going to go for the game from the first minute ”.

Spanish game

“In my case, both Busquets and I know what it requires of us because there is a lot of space and when you want to push you take risks. Many times you get man-to-man situations where you have to win. We want to play with a high pressure, although it demands a great demand. In our position it forces us to be very focused ”.

Cotton test

“It can be a good test to see how we are doing. It’s a little end to life or death. We take it as if we were in the Eurocup. Our idea is to win and do our best ”.

League of Nations

“The coach does not discriminate between tournaments. On Holland day he told us that he didn’t care. You see him in the dressing room and in demand. It seemed like it was a day of gambling things. Tomorrow we know that it is a final and that we want to win ”.

Game idea

“We do not know what we are missing or what we are missing. We compete and work with the demands of the calendar. You have to get better results, but I think that will come with time. We are a young team that does not stop growing. Matches like tomorrow’s are very good tests to grow and see where we are ”.