Rodolfo Barili was moved by a greeting from his children: “I learned to give them elements so that they can fly”

The moment in which Dante and Benicio greeted their father, Rodolfo Barili (Video: “Vino Para Vos”, KZO)

Without a doubt, Rodolfo Barili is one of the gallants of television: with his formal and engoled style, he has been at the forefront of Telefé News next to Cristina Pérez. Even a year ago, the version that the news anchors were together was widely circulated, motivated by flirting and the intense back and forth between them, which transcended the screen. Followers came to refer to the couple as “Rostina”. But no: Barili’s heart was already busy enough.

On the one hand, for their children Dante Y Benicio. “Hi father! We shot this video together because we’re kind of ashamed, but that’s how we’re doing well: we were thinking that last year was pretty bad in every way, all over the world. But for us it was good because we were able to spend a lot of time with you, we shared a lot with you: We were able to watch many series, movies and chat a lot, we learned to live together in Buenos Aires … And it was a lot of fun every day. We love you, pa! ”, The brothers greeted their father through a message recorded especially for Wine For You (KZO), the cycle led by Tomás Dente and in which Barili was a guest.

Unable to hide his tears, Rodolfo replied full of pride: “When the ‘we love you’ comes out of them it is… ”, he said and could not finish the sentence due to emotion. But he was able to continue: “They are children, but they are people. They fly. I learned that in life you have to give them the elements so that they can fly, can be free, can be happy. And that what they embrace, they embrace with passion. That they leave life in each play. Passion is, as I say, the salt for french fries. They are French fries, but they have a different flavor ”.

Regarding the importance of fatherhood, Barili said: “Sometimes I feel like I only came here for them. I was never afraid of death and always said: ‘If he grabs me now, what a baton, because I have a few projects left to do.’ I always had that feeling. And when they were born it was: ‘Uh, I have to stay here, I have to take care of myself, I have to go to the gym, I have to quit smoking, because I have to accompany them... to the side, but I’m here. I want to try to accompany them in this fragile world and be there ”.

Another important person in the life of Barili is his mother Antonia, who also left him a message. Synthetic, but meaningful: “I felt my hug. Even if it is far away, feel it. There it goes. I love you son!“Said the woman.

"I felt my hug.  I love you son", Antonia told Rodolfo Barili “I felt my hug. I love you, son,” Antonia told Rodolfo Barili

More emotions on Barili’s face and feelings, who remembered a question he asked Antonia when he was a boy: “’¿Which is the right way, ma? ‘. It is a decision of those that can be taken by the right or by the left, because neither of them was bad. And she told me: ‘See, the right path is usually the hardest to take‘. It is a simple phrase, but one that has guided me throughout my life. I am a quarter of a person of what she is. One day I came home and said: ‘Listen to me, all that you told me … you were right in everything. I’m going to tell you just once: thank you. Let’s not speak ill of this. ‘ The love between parents and children is asymmetrical. Until you turn around and say, ‘Wow, how lucky, how lucky I was to have her.’ I would be nothing without her. Post, huh. I wouldn’t have crossed the street without her”.

Finally, he dedicated a few words to his relationship with the lawyer. Lara pyro, with whom they form an assembled family: “I did not know that I could love the way I love Lara. And as I always say: a part is mine and another part is what it generates. But meeting at forty-something with someone who changed everything for you, I call him ‘the love of adulthood‘”.

"You are the best lover and I deeply admire you for the professional you are", Lara Piro greeted her partner, Rodolfo Barili “You are the best lover and I deeply admire you for the professional you are,” Lara Piro greeted her partner, Rodolfo Barili

“I talk about it a lot with my friends: ‘I hope they never part, but if it happens to you, calm down: there is the miracle of finding love at that age, where we have all been colliding‘”He said by way of advice. And it was the footer for a last video: the greeting of Lara. “I love you immeasurably. You are the love of my life, a great companion, a great container. You are the best lover and I deeply admire you for the professional you are: incorruptible, honest, you do not know cracks and You are always the voice of the weakest. That makes me enormously proud. Thank you for giving me back the dream of a family, ”he told his partner.

In addition to revealing the advantages he sees in an assembled family (“It’s a party,” he defined), Barili revealed that he proposed to her: “Let’s hope the pandemic leaves us. I never got married in my life. She wanted a ring and I put the ring on for her. It is a gesture of love and everything is fine. Hopefully this year we can get married ”.


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