Rockstar game release date, rumors and announcement

GTA 6 is still unknown. While we do have some rumors surrounding Rock Star’s big release for the new generation. GTA Online continues to bear fruit, and the truth is that after the announcement that it would be free, along with GTA V to the PS5, the hype is through the roof.

Although the information is still somewhat inaccurate. What do we know at the moment about GTA 6? Well, one way or another it will reach the Sony PS5 and Xbox Series X console in a period of no more than two or three years. At least if we examine the development times of the company and the launches it usually makes for each generation.

Also, keep in mind that we didn’t have GTA in the last generation beyond the PS4 version of GTA V (which was actually a PS3 / One game), but Red Dead Redeption 2 was released. So if we examine development times, hopefully Rockstar is already immersed in the development of GTA 6 and that it reaches the consoles more or less in the middle of generation. There are also incipient reports that point to a launch date for 2023, but It is unknown how Covid-19 has affected these plans.

GTA 6 for 2023 with impending announcement?

Either way, what is confirmed is the adaptation of GTA V for PS5 and Series X. It will include some minor improvements to take advantage of part of the options available in the new generation. This could also delay the development of GTA 6. Especially if Rockstar has put some effort to have this adapted version ready of the already improved version for PS4 / One.

And the announcement of GTA 6? It is very likely that GTA 6 will be announced or simply have news this year. This year is the 10th anniversary of the announcement of GTA V. So yes GTA 6 release rumors point to 2023, would coincide with the tenth anniversary of the launch of GTA V.

So far this is the scheme that Rockstar has followed with its star game in its latest releases:

GTA IV Announced in 2006, Released in 2008 GTA V Announced in 2011, Released in 2013 GTA 6 Announced in 2021 and Released in 2023?

It seems that if what we saw in other announcements is true, the arrival of GTA 6 It is just around the corner.