The Houston Rockets base, Russell Westbrook, reported that tested positive for COVID-19 before the team left for Walt Disney World last week.

07/13/2020 at 21:00



Westbrook, the escort James Harden and the forward guard Luc Mbah to Moute they did not travel with the Rockets to Orlando.

The Rockets coach, Mike D’AntoniHe reported that he hoped that all three players could reach the NBA « bubble » at Disney World Resort within three to four days.

According to NBA security protocols, players must be quarantined in their rooms for 48 hours after arrival before training with the Rockets.

D’Antoni He reported that all three players were training « at their bases » and showed confidence that their late arrival would not have a significant impact on the Rockets, particularly once the playoffs begin.

The Rockets also don’t have the Brazilian forward Bruno Caboclo, who broke the initial quarantine and must now stay in his room for eight more days before joining the team’s activities.