As announced, the phenomenon of motorized football Rocket League goes to the ‘free to play’ model and there is already an official date for this change: it will be from next September 23 when the Psyonix title will be, as we said, free for all platforms.

It’s funny about all platforms, because Rocket League came to have a great presence in the multiplatform spectrum, being available for the main desktop consoles, but also for the main PC operating systems, including Mac and Linux. Since the beginning of the year, however, this is no longer the case. And it is also curious.

The reason is that since Rocket League came out in 2015, Psyonix was gradually expanding the terrain in which the game was distributed, reaching Linux and Mac in 2016. Three years later, in mid-2019, the company that released it. development was bought by Epic Games and a few months later … surprise !: support for users on the periphery is over.

It is curious, I repeat, because in the conflict that faces Epic Games and Apple these days, the former has not stopped accusing the latter of caring only about their interests, disregarding the user’s freedom of choice … and, of course, that the Apple firm is the temple of usury, no one doubts it, but Tim Sweeney’s people act the same, which is basically what almost any company does.

In any case, one thing has nothing to do with the other and Epic Games did something that it is difficult to imagine that Apple would have done, and that is to offer a limited refund to those who acquired the game for one of the two defenestrated platforms.

‘Rocket League’ free from September 23

We continue talking about Rocket League, although unless you live in a cave or are not interested in video games, surely you know it or, at least, it sounds familiar to you: it is a title strongly focused on multiplayer, whose mechanics could be summarized as football on wheels. As it is; and as it shows nothing better than a trailer.

Rocket League is also a thriving phenomenon in e-sports, so it is evident that going to a free model is a good incentive to attract more souls to the fold, in which after all the benefits beyond the competitions will not be lacking. Because we say free model, but it is ‘free to play’ outright, which is not exactly the same.

Ergo, the free Rocket League will be supported by micropayments, a hateful technique for the player, but that Epic Games has turned into art with Fornite.

And who had already paid for the game? They will receive various items and through an update that launches today they will be able to centralize their data in the Epic Games Store account, keeping the items that they have accumulated playing on different platforms. On Xbox One it will continue to be essential to have Xbox Live Gold, while on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch everything continues as before.

It will be within a week when Rocket League will be made available to Windows users, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for free, too -this is equally curious- when the game debuts on the Epic Games Store, where existing players will be offered a coupon of $ 10 to spend on add-ons, as long as they cost at least $ 14.99. More information on the official blog.