Psyonix announced that Rocket League will become free from September 23, thus fulfilling the promise that the popular game would adopt the free to play model. With this, all players can enjoy the phenomenon of eSports on all platforms, also debuting on the Epic Games Store for PC.

With Rocket League becoming a free game, we can expect Psyonix to integrate the model that has proven effective in Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. Outside of the annoying pay-to-win we see in mobile games, the adoption of season passes or item packs are a viable alternative for players and developers.

‘Rocket League’ will debut on the Epic Games Store on September 23.

According to the press release. Rocket League will debut on the Epic Games Store on September 23, and those who install it from this location will receive the Sunbeam Accelerator and Hot Rocks Trail. The arrival at EGS will occur more than a year after Epic Games announced the purchase of Psyonix for an undisclosed sum, one of the most aggressive moves of the creators of Fortnite.

Features in the free version of Rocket League also include renewed tournaments and challenges, a Rocket Pass that will include Season 1, as well as two new item packs: Starter Endo Pack and Jäger Pack. In addition to that, the Llama-Rama event will take place shortly after launch.

‘Rocket League’ will receive a new update tomorrow

Rocket League will release an update starting tomorrow, September 16, at 9 AM Pacific Time (11 AM in Mexico and 6 PM in Spain). This patch will serve as preparation for the changes to come, a common practice in all games that migrate to the free to play model and includes the following:

Linking for multiplatform progression, where we can link our primary platform where we play Rocket League to an Epic Games account. This will activate cross-platform progression, with your primary platform being the natural progression source in terms of experience, competitive rank, and Rocket Pass progress.
Objects with Legacy status. This is intended for current Rocket League players, who will receive their Legacy items prior to migration.
Support a creator. This option is to support content creators when purchasing an item from the store. The way it works is similar to the Epic Games Store, where you write the referred code of your favorite creator and he will receive 5% of the credits spent.

The Steam version will continue unchanged, except on macOS and Linux

Contrary to what people imagined when Epic Games bought Psyonix, Rocket League is still available on Steam, though macOS and Linux versions will be unsupported. The developers assure that the use of technologies such as DirectX 11 and the change to 64 bits does not allow them to keep the client in both operating systems, so the latest update is the one that was released on March 10, 2020.