A few years ago, Psyonix revolutionized the world of video games due to a crazy mix of two of the star sports in this world: soccer and car racing. Your result? The brand new and addictive Rocket League, in which at the controls of a car, we have to score a goal in the opposing goal with a giant ball. Yes, the premise is simple, but as I say, very successful. Such has been the success, that a while ago we learned that Epic Games acquired Psyonix and with it, the rights to Rocket League, giving new wings to this title. As a novelty, Rocket League would become a game free-to-play so that everyone can enjoy it. Obviously, users who previously purchased the Psyonix game, will have a reward, moving to the status of « Legacy », in which they will receive new content additional free of charge.

Rocket League accelerates to its free-to-play version on Nintendo Switch

When they released this news, it was known that Rocket League would go free-to-play throughout the summer but without an exact date. Well, finally we can give a specific date, and it is that from September 23 We can play Rocket League on our Nintendo Switch for free. This has been announced by both Nintendo America and Rocket League on their official Twitter accounts.

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We are looking forward to burning the wheel and being able to score a goal against the rival team, and you? See you on September 23 on the battlefield!