Rocket Lab managed to bring back the Electron rocket, which it previously sent into orbit, back to Earth.

Electron is the flagship project of Rocket Lab. This company aims to establish a frequency service in orbital travel.

Rocket Lab announced the success of the return of his rocket: Electron, to the earth. It is the flagship project that the space company has to offer frequency in orbital travel. The apparatus went down gently on a parachute, until it fell into the ocean.

The main objective of Rocket Lab is to carry light loads towards the orbit of the Earth. These loads should not exceed 150 kilograms. It is useful material for satellites and even, if they are proposed for the International Space Station.

Rocket Lab rockets are capable of reaching an elevation of 500 kilometers above Earth. At this distance it is considered the low orbit of the atmosphere, a territory close to where the ISS is. So the cornerstone of your project is Electron. A rocket that they intend to make it reusable to execute several trips.

Electron’s return to Earth

. reviews that the return process carried out by the Rocket Lab company is different from that of Spacex. First, the corporation Elon Musk runs is known for bouncing its rockets on landing pads.

While, in the case of Rocket Lab, the Electron arrives with another process. It is done through a flight in a controlled way. Upon reaching a certain altitude, the apparatus deploys a parachute. Then a helicopter travels to the site and holds the lines of the parachute so that, in its collision with the water, it does not hit the hardware.

This was the 16th test conducted by Rocket Lab. And precisely those were the relevant steps of the trial. Peter Beck, CEO of the company showed his excitement through his personal Twitter. He was practically narrating all the eventualities of the return of Electron to the terrestrial zone.