Rocío Flores and Gloria Camila’s plan to stay out of the controversy

The docuseries of Rocío Carrasco’s life entitled Rocío, telling the truth to stay alive has been a media earthquake that has splashed not only her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores, but also her daughter, Dew Flowers, which in recent weeks has been in the spotlight of the heart programs.

Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter traveled this week from Malaga to Madrid for work reasons and in passing to say goodbye to Olga Moreno, his father’s wife, who has headed to Honduras as a contestant on Survivors. Before going to reality, both starred in a hug before the cameras that many interpreted as a Rocío Flores’ poisoned dart to her mother, Rocío Carrasco.

During all these days, his refuge in the capital has been his aunt Gloria Camila Ortega, daughter of Rocío Jurado and the bullfighter José Ortega Cano and one of his great supporters. The young women have tried to stay out of the media uproar that affects their family making plans together, according to the magazine Semana.

As Rocío Flores herself has shown in her Instagram Stories, the young woman has caught up with the series Two lives, in which Gloria Camila has debuted as an actress, and they have entertained doing a puzzle 5,000 pieces.

In addition, niece and aunt went last Friday to eat together at a restaurant where they arrived shortly after José Ortega Cano and his wife, Ana María Aldón.

At the moment, both Rocío Flores and Gloria Camila Ortega they keep silent and they try to put the greatest possible normality in their lives, something complicated since the media war broke out due to the statements of Rocío Carrasco in her documentary.