The bad relationship between Rocío Carrasco and Rocío Flores, mother and daughter, remains a great unknown for everyone. What is clear is that they are not supported and that, today, a reconciliation seems impossible. Since Antonio David Flores entered ‘GH VIP 7’ and her daughter defended her on set, this has gained ground telling how is the relationship with her mother. Tired of remaining silent, Carrasco might be on . of speaking out.

Rocío Carrasco

Marisa Martín Blázquez has revealed in ‘The Summer Program’ that « Rocío is currently angry » and is preparing a response to everything her daughter has said. This happens after Terelu Campos told in ‘Viva la vida’ that her friend Rocío Carrasco is overwhelmed by the situation and that she feels sad seeing everything that is coming to light.

It is this feeling that has encouraged him to want to break his silence to counter the truth of his daughter (and also of his ex-husband Antonio David). The truth is that the mother has always wanted to stay on the sidelines and not publicize this enmity or, at least, the reasons. However, seeing everything he is saying about her, even coming to question her role as a mother, he is being able with her.

Public response to the media

« Rocío Carrasco intends to answer her daughter publicly through a press conference or informal meeting with some journalists who may ask you about everything… She will explain her situation and her anger, because right now she is angry, « as Marisa Martín Blázquez reports. Surely, this will reopen a war, since surely her daughter will not remain silent in this counterattack.