Rocío Carrasco calls Raquel Mosquera a “liar” and recalls the death of her father, Pedro Carrasco: “My childhood is gone”

This Wednesday, Telecinco issued the sixth chapter of Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive. The documentary, which is stirring the television landscape of the last 20 years And also creating a great impact on the visibility of sexist violence, it began by focusing on Rocío Carrasco’s relationship with her father, Pedro Carrasco.

Specifically, he referred to the boxer’s last years, when he kept a relationship with Raquel Mosquera. After seeing some images of his father, he remembered the last conversation he had with him, and Mosquera pointed directly, assuring that he had lied and violated his honor.

Carrasco recalled the long -and conciliatory- conversation he had with his father, and said with emotion that he owes it to Fidel Albiac, who was the one who led it. That talk ended with Pedro Carrasco apologizing to his daughter and acknowledging that he had been wrong, according to what he said.

In addition, he assured that Mosquera was lying when he had said that Pedro had insulted his daughter: “What has been told of that meeting by his wife at that time is a lie.” He also assured that, to this day and since the death of his father, Raquel Mosquera does not exist for her except on the legal plane.

He also specified that his father did not go “doing that” for the content of the conversation, but for another reason, although he did not want to specify it. Regarding the death of his father, he said that he was in Seville when his partner Fidel told him to return home and told him that he had suffered a fatal heart attack on January 27, 2001.

The funeral: boos and the presence of Antonio David Flores

In addition, he had to talk about the day of the boxer’s burial, although he did not want to remember it in much detail. Shocking images from that day showed a great tide of people booing Rocío when leaving the funeral. “At that time, I only know that my father left, but not only him. My childhood left. I was crazy with my father. A piece of me left.”

Carrasco spoke of the presence of Antonio David at the funeral: “This person has been behind me in everything that has happened to me in the last 20 years. People only respond to the image that the impious father has created along with the media and its strategies. He is capable of that and much more. “

Carrasco was broken when he said that he had not received everything he should have from his father and, finally, he was asked about a famous Rolex watch from the boxer’s belongings that Rocío had claimed on some occasion. In this regard, he said that it was not a material ambition, but was due to the fact that his father had worn it all his life and he loved it because, in addition, he wore recorded the date of his wedding with Rocío Jurado, his mother.