Rocío Caíz’s ex-boyfriend confesses that he killed her and dismembered her

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The ex-boyfriend of Rocío Caíz Pozo, the 17-year-old girl who disappeared since June 3 in Martín de la Jara (Seville), has confessed to the Civil Guard that he killed her the same day that she disappeared and dismembered her, throwing her remains in various areas of the Estepa municipality.

According to sources from the investigation, the young man appeared this afternoon at the Estepa Civil Guard barracks, and declared that he killed the young woman on the same day that she disappeared, to later dispose of the body.

Accompanied by a lawyer, The confessed murderer has presented himself at the Estepa Civil Guard barracks to ask to see the person responsible for it.24 hours after being questioned in the same facilities, but this time as a witness.

Before the agents, The 23-year-old Romanian national has confessed that he killed Rocío the same night that she had allegedly slept at home, with a knife that he threw into a container and that could not be located.

In addition, it has specified that He dismembered the body and threw bags with his remains in various places on the outskirts of the town, and then went home to sleep.

In the morning, Rocío’s mother called her because she could not locate her and told her that she had spent the night there, but that when she woke up she had left and did not know where she was.

Ana, a sister of the deceased, received a message allegedly sent by Rocío in which she told her that she had left for the province of Badajoz with a young man she had met months before., and asked her ex-boyfriend to take care of their son.

Rocío’s family never believed that the young woman sent that message, and suspected that her Facebook profile password had been stolen, since her mobile was turned off, but the private message window of the aforementioned social network was active.

In one of the alleged messages, Rocío told her sister that she had stolen 300 euros from her ex-boyfriend at dawn, an end that he “confirmed” to the young woman’s mother.

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Although his family claims that had suffered attacks by the ex-boyfriend on several occasions, Rocío never filed a complaint for gender violence, and her data is not reflected in the VIOGEN registry, that collects the information of women who report similar events in social services of municipalities or any State security force and body.

His family assured this Monday that on occasion he had suffered injuries such as a broken nose for which he did not give a convincing explanation.

The minor She had met her ex-boyfriend when she was 11 and he was 16, and she became pregnant at 16, to break off the relationship with him with the newborn child, four months ago.

Last Thursday, she decided to go to her ex-boyfriend’s house to find a baby carriage from her town, Martín de la Jara, 28 kilometers from Estepa, in a taxi paid for by the ex-partner whose driver was the only person who saw her alive. .

The Civil Guard has cordoned off the house of the confessed murderer, and after twelve thirty at night he went to his mother’s house, to also establish a surveillance device at the door.

Meanwhile, in the company of Rocío’s ex-boyfriend, he continues to search various areas of the town where, according to his testimony, he would have thrown his remains.

Before today’s session, he starred in several interviews in which he defended his innocence, although the investigators exercised “passive pressure” on him, watched without him knowing it and hoping that he made a mistake, until this Thursday he went to the Civil Guard to confess the crime.

The young Rocío Caíz is the 18th victim of gender violence in 2021 and her 4-month-old son, the seventh orphan for the same reason so far this year, according to sources from the Ministry of Equality.

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